Our vision is to be as close as possible to the industry needs. We do our research and stakeholders use the outcome of our work
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Farasa is the state-of-the-art full-stack package to deal with Arabic Language Processing

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Improved Arabic Transcription with AI

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Farspeech 2.0: Frarsa Speech and MT

FarSpeech is a system showing QCRI’s Arabic speech recognition, natural language processing, machine translation  and dialect identification in a single system.

Live Machine Translation

Live machine translation detects voice in both English and Arabic and translates it to the other language

Machine Translation

Translate different Arabic dialects to English language


Tanbih is a news aggregator that aims to limit the effect of “fake news”, disinformation, propaganda and media bias by making users aware of what they are reading.

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Saqr is a social media analysis platform. It applies stance detection on the results to group tweets depending on their stances. Also, it provides dialect and offensive analysis for the search tweets. Farasa is also applied to enhance the Arabic text search query.

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ASAD (Arabic Social media Analytics and unDerstanding) is a toolkit that provides insights into user profile information, sentiment and emotions, and unwanted or inappropriate content

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Braille easy

Braille easy aims to support blind and visually impaired people in more efficient typing on their mobile devices. Instead of using both hands, as in standard Brailling, only one hand is needed to type

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NeuroX is a comprehensive toolkit based on explainable AI. It facilitates the analysis of individual neurons in deep neural networks

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Spoken Arabic Dialect identification (Spoken ADI17)

Spoken Arabic Dialect identification (Spoken ADI17) is dialect identification of speech from YouTube to one of 17 Arabic countries.

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Transliterate text from Arabic to English and vise vera


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Arabic Text to Speech
Arabic Text to Speech tool converts MSA Arabic text to voice