About Arabic Language Technology Group

About ALT

ALT Group was formed in 2011 as a flagship QCRI research initiative, addressing challenging problems inmachine learning, computational linguistics and NLP in the context of machine translation, Arabic NLP, multi-lingual speech processing, model interpretability, and fake newsdetection. We have become well known in the research community for technical excellence and tools and resourcesthat we released, including state-of-the-art techniquesfor processing Arabic texts and Arabic media. Our research and demos have been featured in top tier journals and conferences, including ICLR, ACL, AAAI, InterSpeech, ICASSP, and similar.

Working at QCRI

Research at QCRI is supported by research assistants, experienced research engineers,and highly skilled software engineers. QCRI is equipped with a well-serviced state-of-the-art computing infrastructure with a capacity to run large experiments efficiently. This has enabled ALT researchers to release and host a number of technology demonstrators and widely used tools, including:
  • Farasa–State-of-the-art full-stack of Arabic Language Processing
  • ASAD–Arabic Social media Analytics and unDerstanding toolkit
  • Shaheen–Multi-dialectal Arabic-English translationservice
  • Tanbih–News aggregation service detecting “fake news”, disinformation, propaganda,and media bias
  • NeuroX–Toolkit for model interpretability
  • QATS–Multi-dialectal Arabic Transcription technology, now part of Kanari AI
  • Arabic Text to Speech–Arabic speech synthesis.
Located within Education City, QCRI is part of the Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU) and in the proximity of several international university campuses and two research institutes, Computer science departments at the Carnegie Mellon Qatar, HBKU, and Qatar University provide a steady influx of interns who are eager to work on projects.

About Life in Qatar

With a large international community living and working in Qatar, there are many opportunitiesto learn about and experience different customs and cultures. Doha is a cosmopolitan city which caters for a diverse population and makes everyone feel at home.