At QCRI we are dedicated to promoting the Arabic language in the information age by conducting world-class research in Arabic language technologies.

ALT have worked closely and collaborated with many local and international organizations including Al Jazeera, MIT CSAIL, and the Qatar Supreme Education Council on our projects.

The Arabic Language Technologies Group-CSAIL research collaboration is a medium for knowledge joint-creation, transfer, and exchange of expertise between QCRI and MIT-CSAIL scientists.

QCRI’s Advanced Transcription System (QATS) has been used by for automatic generation of subtitles in video segments for more than three years and discussions are underway with other potential users.

QATS has been awarded the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference 2018 (ARC’18) Best Innovation Award. It also won the ‘Best in Show’ award at the third edition of the BBC’s #NewsHACK in December 2014 for translating BBC Arabic videos into English, including subtitles, and voiceover using speech synthesis.

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