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The results of task5 are available now! Since we couldn't link all Codalab usernames to the registered team names, we go with the Codalab names for now. Please send your Team name and Codalab-username to


Final results according to evaluation metric described under evaluation:


Results subtask 1 - Microblogs

Results subtask 2 - Headlines




Previous results according to this approach (if you want to refer to it, not mandatory):



Subtask 1 - Microblogs


Please fill in this data release agreement before downloading the dataset!

See repository for subtask 1

>>[06.09.2016] Microblog training data is now available

Subtask1 Test Data here


Subtask 2 - Headlines


Please fill in this data release agreement before downloading the dataset!

See repository for subtask 2 

>>[09.09.2016] Headline training data is now available

Subtask 2 Test Data here

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