• The official results for subtasks A and B, English and Arabic, can be found here
  • The submissions of the participating systems can be found here. The archive includes the raw output of the participating systems, the gold standard labels for the test input, as well as the script used for scoring.
  • The task description paper is here
  • The proceedings of SemEval-2015 are here

Contact Info


  • Lluís Màrquez, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • James Glass, CSAIL-MIT
  • Walid Magdy, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Alessandro Moschitti, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Preslav Nakov, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Bilal Randeree, Qatar Living

email :

Other Info


  • The official results are here
  • Download the test data here
  • Download the English and Arabic training data, format checkers, and scorers here
  • Download the English baseline systems here
  • Download raw text of questions and comments from Qatar Living (English) here
  • Join the Google group:
  • Register to participate here