English 1: general question; 6 answers (comments); 4 good and 2 bad (dialogue)


English 2: Yes/No question; 3 answers (2 of them good and yes); overall summary: yes


English 3: Yes/No question; 8 answers (4 of them good, from which 2 yes, 1 no and 1 unsure); overall summary: yes


Arabic 1


Arabic 2


Contact Info


  • Lluís Màrquez, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • James Glass, CSAIL-MIT
  • Walid Magdy, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Alessandro Moschitti, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Preslav Nakov, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Bilal Randeree, Qatar Living

email : semeval-cqa@googlegroups.com

Other Info


  • The official results are here
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  • Download the English baseline systems here
  • Download raw text of questions and comments from Qatar Living (English) here
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