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Implementation of the standard evaluation metrics as described in Dan Marcu's book.

Related publications

  • Joty, Shafiq, Giuseppe Carenini, and Raymond T. Ng. CODRA: A Novel Discriminative Framework for Rhetorical Analysis. [PDF] [BibTeX]
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  • Extract Set.tar.gz.
  • Run the perl script: Perl ParsingAccuracyMeasuresDocLevelForSystems.pl path_to_sys_dir path_to_gold_dir res.out The main perl script takes three arguments:
    1. Path to the directory with the system annotations: The filenames should end with *. doc_dis, but you can change the code according to your need. Here is where you need to change: my @canFiles = grep /\w+\.doc_dis/, readdir(DIR);
    2. Path to the Directory with the gold annotations: It assumes that the file names are the same as the system outputs (e.g., *.doc_dis).
    3. The name of the output file: In the output file, it shows the results for the individual documents as well as the summary.
    A sample output file is attached. The parsed documents should have the same format as RST-DT.