International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation 2018

SemEval has evolved from the SensEval word sense disambiguation evaluation series. The SemEval wikipedia entry and the ACL SemEval Wiki provide a more detailed historical overview. SemEval-2018 will be the 12th workshop on semantic evaluation and will be collocated with the 16th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies (NAACL-HLT 2018). SemEval will be held in New Orleans, LA, USA, June 5-6 2018.


Please note that on-site childcare is available throughout all of SemEval! Register here

Participants can register for the workshop through the main NAACL 2018 registration page and reserve accommodation as conference participants. NAACL has booked a number of rooms for students at a substantially discounted rate and we recommend to reserve those quickly!

If you are attending the workshop and need a visa, please fill out the NAACL visa form and you will receive a formal letter of invitation from ACL.

Important Dates


Task Proposals (Final call for Task Proposals - posted April 12, 2017):

  • Fri 21 Apr 2017: Task proposals due
  • Mon 01 May 2017: Task proposal reviewers assigned
  • Mon 22 May 2017: Task proposal reviews due
  • Mon 05 Jun 2017: Task proposal notifications

Setup for the Competition:

  • Mon 14 21 Aug 2017: CodaLab competition website ready and made public. Should include basic task description and mailing group information for the task. Trial data ready. Evaluation script ready for participants to download and run on the trial data.
  • Mon 18 25 Sep 2017: Training data ready. Development data ready. CodaLab competition website updated to include an evaluation script uploaded as part of the competition so that participants can upload submissions on the development set and the script immediately checks the submission for format and computes the results on the development set. This is also the date by which a benchmark system should be made available to participants. Also, the organizers should run the submission created with the benchmark system on CodaLab, so that participants can see its results on the LeaderBoard.

Competition and Beyond:

  • Mon 08 Jan 2018: Evaluation start*
  • Mon 29 Jan 2018: Evaluation end*
  • Mon 05 Feb 2018: Results posted
  • Mon 26 Feb 5 Mar 2018: System description paper submissions due by 23:59 GMT -12:00
  • Mon 05 12 Mar 2018: Task description paper submissions due by 23:59 GMT -12:00
  • Mon 19 Mar 2018: Paper reviews due (for both systems and tasks)
  • Fri 23 Mar 2018: System Description Paper reviews due
  • Wed 28 Mar 2018: Task Description Paper reviews due
  • Mon 02 Apr 2018: Author notifications
  • Mon 16 Apr 2018: Camera ready submissions due

* 8 Jan to 29 Jan 2018 is the period during which the task organizers must schedule the evaluation periods for their individual tasks. Usually, evaluation periods for individual tasks are 7 to 14 days, but there is no hard and fast rule about this. Contact the task organizers for the tasks you are interested in for the exact time frame when they will conduct their evaluations. They should tell you the date by which they will release the test data, and the date by which participant submissions are to be uploaded. Note that some tasks may involve more than one sub-task, each having a separate evaluation time frame.

Discussion Group


Please join our discussion group at to receive announcements and participate in discussions. For details, questions, and discussion on a particular task, visit the task website. You will also find there a link for the task mailing list.



Anti-Harassment policy


SemEval highly values the open exchange of ideas, the freedom of thought and expression, and respectful scientific debate. We support and uphold the NAACL Anti-Harassment policy. Participants are encouraged to send any concerns or questions to the NAACL Board members, Priscilla Rasmussen and/or the workshop organizers.

Contact Info


  • Marianna Apidianaki, LIMSI, CNRS, University Paris-Saclay & University of Pennsylvania
  • Saif M. Mohammad, National Research Council Canada
  • Jonathan May, ISI, University of Southern California
  • Ekaterina Shutova, University of Cambridge
  • Steven Bethard, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Marine Carpuat, University of Maryland

Email Note that this is the mailing list for SemEval organizers. For questions on a particular task, post them at the *task* mailing list or contact the task organizers directly. You can find the task mailing list from the task webpage.

Other Info


  • Apr. 22: A draft of the program is now available
  • Mar. 15: On-site childcare is available throughout all of SemEval! Register here
  • Feb. 23: Deadlines for paper and review submission have changed. Please see the main page or look for email from your task organizer (or, for task organizers, from the semeval organizers)
  • Nov. 20: SemEval-2018 will be co-located with NAACL HLT 2018 in New Orleans. The workshop will be on June 5-6, 2018.