Researchers interested in SemEval can register for a task, submit a system, submit a paper describing that system, and help in the paper reviewing process.


If you plan to participate in a SemEval-2017 task, please register at the following site:

You will need to have a name for your team, identify the task(s) that you plan to participate in, and provide contact information that we can use to reach you.

System Submission

9 Jan to 30 Jan 2017 is the period during which the task organizers must schedule the evaluation periods for their individual tasks. Usually, evaluation periods for individual tasks is 7 to 14 days, but there is no hard and fast rule about this. Contact the task organizers for the tasks you are interested in for the exact time frame when they will conduct their evaluations. They should tell you the date by which they will release the test data, and the date by which participant submissions are to be uploaded. Note that some tasks may involve more than one sub-tasks, each having a separate evaluation time frame.


Paper Submission

After the end of the evaluation period (Mon 30 Jan 2017), participants should begin writing their system description papers. These papers are intended to document the technqiues used by each team with enough detail that they could be replicated in future research. Papers can be submitted at the following site:

[Under Construction]


After teams submit their system description papers (Mon 27 Feb 2017), we ask all participants to review about 3 system description papers from other teams participating in the same task. Reviews are intended primarily to help the writers with clarity and replicability in their papers; we typically reject only papers that truly fail to explain how the system worked.

Contact Info


Email Note that this is the mailing list for SemEval organizers. For questions on a particular task, post them at the *task* mailing list. You can find the task mailing list from the task webpage.

Other Info