Call for Papers

SemEval-2016 invites papers that describe participating systems (for task participants) and tasks (for task organizers).  The only accepted formats for submitted papers is PDF. Papers should be submitted using the START system:



Submissions should use the ACL LaTeX style files or Microsoft Word style files tailored for the NAACL 2016 conference, with which SemEval-2016 will be co-located; these style files are available at the following URL:



Paper submissions must be electronically submitted in PDF format and must conform to the official style guidelines provided in the PDF file below:




  • Even if you have submitted to NAACL before, please read the guidelines regarding grayscale readability. NAACL is enforcing grayscale readability of all figure and graphics as an aid to the color-blind and to those reading papers printed on B&W printers.
  • Paper reviewing will be blind, though you can use the team name.  Please leave the \naaclfinalcopy commented when submitting your paper for initial review


SemEval-2016 System Description Paper

Paper Title:  The title should follow the pattern "<SystemName> at SemEval-2016 Task <N>: <SystemDescription>" where <SystemName> is the name that you selected for your system at SemEval-2016, <N> is the number(s) of the task(s) you participated in, and "SystemDescription" is a brief description of your system. In the event that a system participated in multiple tasks, please specify all task numbers, e.g. "at SemEval-2016 Task 3, Task 4, and Task 5:". This title formatting is essential for easy indexing and searchability of the papers at the workshop, especially for those teams that participate in multiple SemEval workshops during different years.

Page Limit:  A system description paper has a recommended length of 4 pages of content, with a maximum length of 6 pages, should the authors need include addition analyses or descriptions.  There will be no limit on the number of pages for references. If a team participates in more than one task (note: subtasks are not tasks!), there are two options:

  • If the same system (with some modifications) was used for the different tasks, there should be a single system description paper, where each additional task adds + 2 additional pages of content, up to a maximum of 8 pages of content, with unlimited pages for references. As START asks to assign a paper to a single task the task that fits best should be selected.
  • If the systems used for the different tasks are sufficiently different, participants can submit separate description papers for each task they participated in.

Papers should describe the methods used clearly, and in sufficient detail in order to ensure reproducibility.

The system papers will be reviewed by other task participants in the same task. We expect that task participants are happy to review papers within the same task.


SemEval-2016 Task Description Paper

Paper Title:  The title should follow the pattern "SemEval-2016 Task <NUMBER>: <TASK NAME>".

For example: "SemEval-2016 Task 3: Community Question Answering"

Page Limit: There will be no page limit for task description papers but a recommended length of 8 pages.  



Contact Info


  • Steven Bethard, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Daniel Cer, Google
  • Marine Carpuat, University of Maryland
  • David Jurgens, McGill University
  • Preslav Nakov, Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU
  • Torsten Zesch, University of Duisburg-Essen

Other Info