FINAL test data of QA-TempEval (2015-01-15):  test data

RESULTS IN GOOGLE DOCS. Each domain is in one page (news, wikipedia, blogs).

NEW: Results updated on Mar 9th, 2015 (accuracy measure disapears and recall measure is adapted to the classical recall definition).

In addition to the normal runs you will find some runs with the suffix -trefl. These are your runs plus a timex reference relations backbone build from your annotated DATE/TIME timex. More information about that will be shared soon.




Contact Info


  • Hector Llorens
  • Nate Chambers
  • Naushad UzZaman
  • Nasrin Mostafazadeh
  • James Allen
  • James Pustejovsky

email :

Other Info


  • 2015-03-09 UPDATED results of QA-TempEval
  • 2015-01-15 Results of QA-TempEval
  • Fill in SemEval registration form to participate
  • 2014-11-04 evaluation period starts on December 15
  • 2014-12-01 crowd-sourced test creation: OPEN (from Dec 5 to Jan 10)
  • 2014-11-04 A new domain will be included: informal blogs
  • 2014-08-26 PDF detailed task description
  • 2014-06-23 Train QA data released (data&tools)
  • 2014-06-14 Dev QA data released (data&tools)
  • 2014-06-02 TimeML QA system released (data&tools)
  • 2014-05-30 TimeML data available (TempEval-3 format) (data&tools)