Clinical TempEval

Clinical TempEval 2017 follows in the footsteps of the i2b2 2012 shared task, Clinical TempEval 2015, and Clinical TempEval 2016 in bringing timeline extraction to the clinical domain. As in past Clinical TempEvals, data will be drawn from clinical notes and pathology reports for cancer patients at the Mayo Clinic.

New in 2017

This year, Clinical TempEval will focus on domain adaptation: systems will be trained on data from colon cancer patients, but will be asked to make predictions on brain cancer patients. Adapting to the many differences between the two domains will be a key challenge for the task.


For more details, including what tasks are included, where to obtain the data, and how to submit your system output, visit the Clinical TempEval 2017 competition on CodaLab.

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