Important Dates



Trial data ready

June 30, 2015

Training data ready

August 30, 2015

Test data ready

December 15, 2015

Evaluation start

January 10, 2016

Evaluation end

January 31, 2016

Paper submission due

February 28, 2016 [TBC]

Paper reviews due

March 31, 2016 [TBC]

Camera ready due

April 30, 2016 [TBC]

SemEval workshop

Summer 2016


Contact Info


  • Jonathan May, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute (USC/ISI)

email : Jon May

amr website: At ISI

Other Info


  • Jan. 7: New Smatch scoring script 2.0.2 fixes small bug in 2.0.1 version. Thanks to Guntis Barzdins and Didzis Gosko for the patch. Get it here.
  • Dec. 22: New Smatch scoring script 2.0.1 fixes some bugs in 2.0 version. Get it here.
  • Dry run was held on Monday, December 14. Thanks for participating. The real evaluation is coming up soon!
  • Sept. 24: Welcome new members! Please register for the task and sign up for the google group. Check out the Data and Tools tab for a plethora of resources.
  • Sept. 18: Sign up for our google group here
  • Sept. 18: Get started with a baseline by using our fork of JAMR
  • Aug. 31: Get the training data by filling out this form