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  • Gold-standard annotations released!(available at Data&Tools page)

  • Evaluation Results released! (available at Data&Tools page)

  • Call For Papers: index.php?id=call-for-papers

  • Test Data for Phase B have been released! Results for phase B must be submitted until Friday 29/01/2016, 23.00 GMT

  • Test Data for Phase A have been released! Results for phase A must be submitted until Friday 22/01/2016, 23.00 GMT

  • Evaluation period: January 18-29, 2016

  • Evaluation-validation code/description, Submission guidelines and baselines Released!

  • Annotation Guidelines Released!

  • Spanish Training Data Released!

  • Chinese Training Data Released!

  • French Training Data Released!

  • Turkish Training Data Released!

  • Dutch Training Data Released!

  • Russian Training Data Released!

  • Arabic Training Data Released!

  • English Training Data Released!

  • Trial Data Released!

  • ABSA16 Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish!

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  • 16/02/2016