Task 11: Complex Word Identification


Gustavo Henrique Paetzold and Lucia Specia



Complex Word Identification consists in determining which words in a given sentence can challenge the readers of a certain target audience. The goal of the proposed Complex Word Identification shared task is to provide a framework for the evaluation of methods for this first step in a Lexical Simplification pipeline. This is a simple, well-defined and yet challenging task that will hopefully attract most in the community of Lexical and Text Simplification, as well as newcomers.



  • To learn which words challenge non-native English speakers, and to understand what are their defining characteristics.
  • To know how well one's individual vocabulary limitations can be predicted from the overall limitations of a group which they are part of.
  • To introduce a new resource to be used not only in Text Simplification, but also in any task related to Topic Modelling and Semantics.


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Published on  February 2nd, 2016