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The script calculates the PRES score for a results list given the qrels file. In addition, the script calculates the MAP and the Avg. Recall scores. The scores are printed averaged over the total number of topics in the results file, and the total number of topics in the qrels file in case of some topics in the results file are missed. Scores can be printed for the whole results or per topic.


perl [-d] qrels.file results.file [Nmax=1000]

To run this script you need "perl" scripting language installed on your machine. Perl can be downloaded freely from this link

"-d" is an optional argument for the script which allows printing score for each topic with details about the positions of the relevant documents in the results list

"qrels.file" The file of query relevance assessment in TREC format.

"results.file" The file the contains the results list in TREC format.

"Nmax" This is the value of Nmax. The default value if not assigned will be 1000. This assigns the number of results to be read per topic within the results list.


Download: Script + license .zip


Copyright: 6/7/2010
Walid Magdy - DCU



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Last Modified: July 2010