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Research Scientist

Arabic Language Technologies



I work at the Arabic Language Technology (ALT), at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). I work in the MT team led by Stephan Vogel.


QCRI provides a flavor of industrial and academic research at the same time. It has quickly turned into a world class organization over the last few years and is growing faster than any other place.


Previously I was a Research Associate, under Philipp Koehn, at the Institute of Language, Cognition and Computation at the University of Edinburgh. I worked on different problems in SMT, such as Unsupervised Transliteration and Markov-based translation models.


My research interests include:


Natural Language Processing: dissecting neural network models, neural and statistical machine translation, eye-tracking, domain adaptation, pivoting and triangulation, machine transliteration, word segmentation, studying different writing scripts and their complexities in terms of  font development, normalization, language collation.


Localization: localization of open source operating systems (desktop environment KDE/GNOME), word processing

applications (Open Office), chatting tools (Psi), web browsers (Sea Monkey, Mozilla) and web development  tools (NVU),

localization of domain names


Here’s a periodically updated CV and a list of my publications.


A summary of our performance in Machine Translation Competitions