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Primary resource type: Lexicons; Other resource tags: None; Resource language: French; Availability: Public; Sponsor: CNRS, French Ministry of Higher Education, Institute of French Linguistics

Tables of the French Lexicon-Grammar constitute a large lexical, syntactic and semantic database for verbs, nouns playing the predicative role ("verbal nouns"), frozen expressions and adverbs. LGLex is the syntactic lexicon from the Lexicon-Grammar tables in text or XML format. * Simple verbs: - 67 tables with 13 867 entries, including 5 738 distinct entries - the table of classes with 551 features - an index of all entries with their class identifier and several examples - documentation of features - defining formulas of each table - classification tree and its reading conventions * Simple and compound nouns playing the predicative role: - 78 tables with 12 696 entries, including 8 531 distinct entries - the table of classes with 496 features * Frozen expressions including verbal and adjectival idioms: - 69 tables with 39 628 entries, including 38 658 distinct entries - the table of classes with 276 features * Simple and frozen adverbs: - 32 tables with 10 488 entries, including 9 326 distinct entries - the table of classes with 159 features You can contribute to the Lexicon-Grammar (new classes, new lexical items, new features, etc.) and send the data you have built. (49)