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Semantic Orientations of Words

Primary resource type: Lexicons:General; Other resource tags: Unknown, WordNets; Resource language: Unknown; Availability: Research license; Sponsor: Advanced Information Processing Division, Tokyo Institute of Technology

These are the lists of words and their semantic orientations for Japanese and for English. You are welcome to use this resource fro a non-commercial purpose. The semantic orientation of a word indicates whether the word has positive meaning (e.g., beautiful, excellent) or negative meaning (e.g., dirty, inferior). The semantic orientations were automatically computed using a lexical network. Although the orientation should originally be binary (positive or negative), our method assigned a real value in the range -1 to +1, where the words assigned with values close to -1 are supposed to be negative, and the words assigned with values close to +1 are supposed to be positive. The vocabulary was extracted from Iwanami dictionary for Japanese, and from WordNet-1.7.1 for English. (44)