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Alphabetic Version of WordNet

Primary resource type: Lexicons:General; Other resource tags: WordNets; Resource language: English; Availability: Public; Sponsor: CL Research

WordNet (3.0) has been totally converted into alphabetical format into a DIMAP dictionary. This conversion uses the official WordNet distribution. A separate entry has been made for each distinct word (including underscore words) in every synset of WordNet, with a distinct sense for each synset in which the word appears. All information available in WordNet has been converted into DIMAP format. All hypernyms have been entered as DIMAP superconcepts; all hyponyms as DIMAP instances; and all other relations (synonyms, meronyms, holonyms,troponyms, antonyms, pertainyms, entailments, causes, similars, and also sees) as distinct DIMAP roles. All verb frames have been explicitly converted into various kinds of features in DIMAP senses, with complex frames explicitly represented as collocation patterns. Each sense has been explicitly identified with an id feature corresponding to the WordNet file number and sense number. Adjective types are explicitly identified in DIMAP features. Glosses have been taken apart into definitional components, example usages, and grammatical patterns (usually prepositional accompaniments). A separate Heads dictionary contains one sense for each word that appears as either the final word of mutiword and hyphenated noun and adjective entries or the first word of multiword verb entries. DIMAP dictionaries are available for earlier versions of WordNet (from version 1.5 onward). (Requires at least the demonstration version of DIMAP, available at (37)