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Alphabetic UMLS Specialist Lexicon

Primary resource type: Lexicons:General; Other resource tags: None; Resource language: English; Availability: Public; Sponsor: CL Research

The UMLS Specialist Lexicon (2009) has been totally converted into alphabetical format into a DIMAP dictionary. The Specialist Lexicon of the Unified Medical Language System is designed for the specialized lexical needs of medical community. This lexicon contains over 385,000 terms and was developed to provide the lexical information needed for the SPECIALIST Natural Language Processing System. Alphabetic DIMAP dictionaries have been created for 371,000 main entries, as well as for a variants dictionary of 225,000 entries. These dictionaries provide comprehensive coverage of general English, in addition to the extensive coverage of biomedical terms. The data elements in the lexicon describe syntactic characteristics of each entry, including inflection codes, case, gender, syntactic category, complements for verbs and nouns, modification types for adverbs, and more. This is lexicon was developed as a free, publicly available resource, with only moderate restrictions (e.g., you can't claim it as your own). The DIMAP distribution includes an extensive help file that describes how each element of Specialist has been handled, along with the Perl scripts used to create the files uploaded into DIMAP. (Requires at least the demonstration version of DIMAP, available at (36)