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Japanese FrameNet

Primary resource type: Semantic networks:FrameNets; Other resource tags: None; Resource language: Unknown; Availability: Public; Sponsor: Keio University

Japanese FrameNet (JFN) aims at building a lexicon that records the valence descriptions of Japanese words, based on Frame Semantics and corpus data. The ultimate goal of JFN is to produce a FrameNet-style (FN) database of Japanese lexical units. The resulting database will thus contain valence descriptions of Japanese lexical units and a collection of annotated corpus attestations. Important research questions being asked by JFN are to what extent the Frame-semantic approach is suitable for analyzing Japanese lexicon and also to what extent the existing English-based semantic frames are applicable to characterizing Japanese lexical units. Also, while purporting to retain the richness of semantic information in FN, JFN pays close attention to typological differences in lexicalization patterns between Japanese and English. JFN is currently concentrating on analyzing basic content words in Japanese. (22)