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The Preposition Project (TPP)

Primary resource type: Lexicons:Preposition; Other resource tags: None; Resource language: English; Availability: Public; Sponsor: CL Research

The Preposition Project (TPP) is designed to provide a comprehensive characterization of English preposition senses suitable for use in natural language processing. Each of 673 preposition senses for 334 prepositions (mostly phrasal prepositions) has been described by giving it a semantic role or relation name and by characterizing the syntactic and semantic properties of its complement and attachment point. Each sense is further described by its definition and sample usages from the Oxford Dictionary of English, its position in a semantic hierarchy of prepositions, its basic syntactic placement (as described in A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language), other synonymic prepositions filling a similar semantic role, FrameNet frames and frame elements used to describe the complement, other syntactic forms in which the semantic role may be realized. (16)