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Workshop at COLING 2012, 2012-12-15, Mumbai, India. (This workshop is endorsed by SIGLEX.) (91)

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers involved in the construction and application of electronic dictionaries to discuss modifications of existing resources in line with the users' needs, thereby fully exploiting the advantages of the digital form. Given the breadth of the questions, we welcome reports on work from many perspectives, including but not limited to: computational lexicography, psycholinguistics, cognitive psychology, language learning and ergonomics. This workshop is about possible enhancements of existing electronic dictionaries. To perform the groundwork for the next generation of electronic dictionaries we invite researchers involved in the building of such dictionaries. The idea is to discuss modifications of existing resources by taking the users' needs and knowledge states into account, and to capitalize on the advantages of the digital media. For this workshop we invite papers including but not limited to the following topics which can be considered from various points of view: linguistics, neuro- or psycholinguistics (associations, tip-of-the-tongue problem), network-related sciences (complex graphs, network topology, small-world problem), etc.