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Multiword Expressions: Analysis, Acquisition, and Treatment

Workshop at ACL 2003, 2003-07-12, Sapporo, Japan. (Proceedings) (42)

There have been a number of workshops in recent years on collocations, terminology and named entity recognition. However, multiword expressions (MWEs) that encompass all of these subtypes remain a real challenge for natural language processing (NLP) despite several decades of research effort. The aim of this SIGLEX workshop is to bring together NLP researchers working on all areas of MWEs. The objectives are to summarise what has been achieved in the area, to establish common themes between different approaches and to discuss future trends, with particular emphasis on addressing the problems that MWEs pose for real-world NLP applications. We welcomed submissions on all aspects of analysis, acquisition and treatment of these ‘words with spaces’ which often require special semantic interpretation and may have peculiar syntactic behaviour.