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Applications of GermaNet II: Workshop of the GLDV AK Lexikographie

Workshop at Biennial Conference of the Society of Linguistics, 2005-03-30, University of Bonn, Germany. (28)

After the success of the first GermaNet Workshop which took place in October 2003 at Tübingen, the GLDV Conference provides an ideal opportunity to bring together wordnet researchers, developers and users for a 2nd GermaNet Workshop. The building of wordnets and their application in natural language processing scenarios still plays an important role in Computational Linguistics (LREC 2004, ACL 2004, etc.). This workshop aims at exchanging results and experiences as well as discussing desiderata and perspectives related to GermaNet respecting other wordnets. We are looking forward to receiving papers and presentations on the following topics (contributions focusing on other wordnet-related issues are also welcome): * GermaNet and other wordnets applied to natural language processing for e.g. Information Retrieval and Document Classification * terminological extensions and applications of wordnets (inclusion of domain-specific vocabularies, term extraction, etc.) * ontological extensions of wordnets (machine learning techniques for the acquisiton of semantic relations, merging wordnets with upper ontologies, etc.)