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Workshop at 2018-06-01, TBD. (This workshop is endorsed by SIGLEX.) (Proceedings) (112)

Dear all, We are delighted to announce twelve new exciting tasks for SemEval- 2018. Affect and Creative Language in Tweets • Task 1: Affect in Tweets • Task 2: Multilingual Emoji Prediction • Task 3: Irony Detection in English Tweets Coreference • Task 4: Character Identification on Multiparty Dialogues • Task 5: Counting Events and Participants within Highly Ambiguous Data covering a very long tail Information Extraction • Task 6: Parsing Time Normalizations • Task 7: Semantic Relation Extraction and Classification in Scientific Papers • Task 8: Semantic Extraction from CybersecUrity REports using Natural Language Processing (SecureNLP) Lexical Semantics • Task 9: Hypernym Discovery • Task 10: Capturing Discriminative Attributes Reading Comprehension and Reasoning • Task 11: Machine Comprehension using Commonsense Knowledge • Task 12: Argument Reasoning Comprehension Task You can access the detailed task descriptions following the links provided on the SemEval-2018 webpage: semeval2018/index.php? id=tasks Trial data and evaluation scripts are now ready and available on the CodaLab website for each task. You can download them through the direct links, when provided, or after registering to participate in the task (“Participate” tab). System building for all competitions will begin in earnest in September, when task training data will be made available, and the task evaluations will take place in January 2018. For more details please consult the SemEval-2018 website and the individual task pages. IMPORTANT DATES Mon 08 Jan 2018: Evaluation start Mon 29 Jan 2018: Evaluation end Mon 05 Feb 2018: Results posted Mon 26 Feb 2018: System description paper submissions due Mon 05 Mar 2018: Task description paper submissions due Mon 19 Mar 2018: Paper reviews due (for both systems and tasks) Mon 02 Apr 2018: Author notifications Mon 16 Apr 2018: Camera ready submissions due CHAIRS Marianna Apidianaki, LIMSI, CNRS & University of Pennsylvania Saif M. Mohammad, National Research Council Canada Jonathan May, ISI Ekaterina Shutova, University of Cambridge Steven Bethard, University of Alabama at Birmingham Marine Carpuat, University of Maryland The SemEval discussion group Please join our discussion group at in order to receive announcements and participate in discussions. The SemEval-2018 Website 8/ Contact: semeval-organizers@go For questions on a particular task, post them at the *task* mailing list or contact the task organizers directly. You can find the task mailing list from the task webpage. Best regards, The SemEval-2018 Organizers