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A Broader Perspective on Multiword Expressions, ACL 2007 Workshop

Workshop at Association for Computational Linguistics, 2007-06-28, Prague, Czech Republic. (This workshop is endorsed by SIGLEX.) (Proceedings) (11)

In recent years, the NLP community has increasingly become aware of the problems that multiword expressions (MWEs) pose. A considerable amount of research has been conducted in this area, some within large research projects dedicated to MWEs. Although progress has been made especially in the area of multiword extraction, a number of fundamental questions remain unanswered. The goal of the workshop is to address some of these questions with oral and poster presentations, as well as general discussion period at the end of the workshop. In particular, we want to focus on the following topics: Is it sufficient to use purely statistical methods for the extraction of MWEs from corpora, or is it necessary to harness human knowledge and linguistic insights? To what extent can definitions and extraction procedures be generalised to other languages, other text types and other types of MWEs? What properties should be specified for MWEs or subtypes of MWEs in the lexicon? And can we detect these properties automatically with sufficient accuracy? What role do the semantics of MWEs play in NLP applications and can they be determined automatically from large corpora?