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  1. Pls recomend a website design company

    Hi QL members...we are a new business entity in Qatar and looking for a reliable Website Design company who can do high end programming sites.. Is there anyone in Qatar i can approach? or should i look at outsourcing? .. Thx

  2. Driving in Qatar

    I have Indian international driving license. can I temporally drive in Qatar using my international driving license?

  3. Sand storms

    I've heard that sand storms are pretty common in Qatar. How frequent are they and what are the necessary preventive actions to be taken? Do advise. Thanks! =)

  4. Which is better Vodafone, Qtel or Virgin Mobile as consumer?

    I'm a first timer, and I'm still thinking of what carrier should I choose when buying a phone. Things that I'm looking after are, cost of call, sms, International (Canada, Manila and Singapore). Are there Prepaid and Postpaid subscription as well? What can you say? Muchas Gracias,

  5. Family Visit Visa

    What are the documents needed (in the Phil) to bring my family(wife and son) here in Qatar for Family Visit visa? Should they come here on visit visa then later when they are here convert to family visit visa? or direct family visit? Please help....i need them to be here on Jan'2011.

  6. Relocating to Qatar

    Hi, I am a single Indian girl. I am relocating to Qatar in a month. I had a few queries. 1. Can I change my job once I am in Qatar? 2. How safe is it for single girls? 3. How should I go about the accomodation. 4. I have completed my Chartered Accountancy and do not have much experience so what would be the pay I should expect. 5. Are there means to socialize over the weekend?

  7. Where can I buy CARROT CAKE?

    My Boss is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and we know he likes carrot cake. Could anyone guide/direct me to a bakeshop/bakery who makes carrot cakes? Thanks in advance.

  8. Has any1 upgraded Vista to Win7?

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium edition and would like to upgrade, not since i want to, since i am fed-up with Vista-mania. If any1 of u guys has upgraded, i can take your advice while i will upgrade mine. Thanks

  9. Kickboxing

    Does someone know where I can take kickboxing class for beginners? I found somewhere but they only offer Muay Thai. I would appreciate any answer. Thanks.

  10. Do we need exit permit for family?

    Hello Friends, My family is here in Qatar in visit visa for last 5 months in my personal sponsorship. Now they need to go back and come again on visit visa after 3-4 months. Do i need to get the exit permit for them?? Your answers will be highly appretiated. Thanks in Advance.

  11. Family RP from MOI

    Anybody is there who received a family RP from Gharaffa immigration recently? As per the new rule family RP application need to be submit in MOI instead of MOL. But I would like to know the procedures in Immigration if there is any changes for the application form and requirement ect... please share your experience here and I'm sure it will help others! Thanks

  12. Fresh Graduates

    Hi. I am back and i have a new query. =) I am a fresh Graduate from the Philippines. I am visiting qatar this month. I have tickets! I am sponsored by my Arab stepfather. I just want to know if there are lots of job oppurtunities for me there(qatar). I am a nursing graduate but i also consider to get involve in works that are not really related to my course. Thanks for those who will reply.

  13. How is Belgium???

    Hi I am interested in knowing more about Belgium. How is the place? The cost of living compared to other european countries. Are the people there fluent in english? The modes of transportation and areas of tourist interest? All relevant suggestions welcome. Thank you .

  14. Nissan Offer

    Saw an ad in today's GT.. some offer for Nissan Vehicles. Pathfinder for QR. 89,000/- onwards...and xterra is QR.93,000. and Armada is QR.118,000. I thought Pathfinder is more expensive than Xttera. Anyone know why Pathfinder is so cheap? Did the prices come down or is it a good offer price?

  15. Online promotional ads

    Salaam/hello Can anyone point me to some online ads so I can get a guess at the prices in Qatar (food, clothing, furnishings, laptop, TV, kitchen items, etc) I've checked out Carrefour but I didn't see much; thanks!

  16. guitar lessons

    I'm interested in having guitar lessons. There is any one who can give me a clue?...thank you.Gabriela.

  17. Fire safety legislation in Qatar daycares

    Hi folks, I am going to inspect my son's daycare tomorrow in regards to fire safety practices that are (or are not) employed on site. I want to know what the law states as what are minimum requirements, such as a sprinkler system, fire drills and fire exits. I have had a look through MOI and defense websites, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Cheers, KIQ

  18. Tailor shop

    Hi. anyone can suggest a good tailor shop (preferably Philippine nationality) in Qatar? i heard there's one over at Al Saad. just not sure the details... thanks!

  19. Vodka cost

    Hey guys Just wondering, what is the cost of a bottle of vodka in Doha? I dont mean from a hotel, but from the single bottle shop that is set up there. This is my favourite tipple...... Thanks

  20. Arabic Tutor

    I want to learn arabic, can someone advise me a place. I just want to learn spoken arabic not written. Can someone suggest me a place where i can interact in a classroom, not through a computer please.

  21. Is there a place to rent a motorcycle

    I'll only be in Doha for 3 months and would rather rent a Motorcycle then rent a car, now that the weather is cooling off. I haven't been into the one dealership I saw because I think they're only selling new bikes right? Its difficult for me to find phone numbers for these places so if anyone had some input on the best way to start riding here I would be most grateful.

  22. Dentists at Aspetar (Aspire) clinic - good?

    I was in Aspetar today for an injury and noticed that they have a dental clinic. Since I've been very impressed with the quality of their medical care I thought I'd check out the dental clinic as well. Does anyone know anything about them? Thanks, Expat Sueo

  23. MotoGP Channel Listings

    Hello I am new to the forum. I work in Qatar and cannot get to the GP tonight due to work in the morning. I was hoping to watch the GP on televsion. Does anyone know of the channels it may be on. I have showtime, but it is not on there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Matt

  24. US Educational Group

    Qlrs who attended the US educational Group siminar yesterday at the movenpick tower; which University sounded as a Good leveled one,good campus and supports and with an accepted Tuition fees ? Kindly share your thoughts ! Enjoy!

  25. How can i send mobile phone to India?

    can anyone plz help me this problem?..i need to send a mobile phone to (Jaipur) India...i contacted DHL but they are charging very there any other company like DHL? Plz specify... Thanks.....

  26. Any number for restaurant near corniche,,

    ...i only know one number to dial whenever we are on lunch break and i feel like supper hungry (KFC)... i would like to find a good restaurant who has delivery........please if you know one.... :)) Thank you...... and what is the best food to order in that restaurant???........

  27. Runners!!

    Just curious to see if anyone has any good suggestions for places to run in Doha. The only posts I have found say the Corniche. That is kind of obvious :). I go to the Corniche when I get the chance. Other than that I run at Khalifa Stadium. Anyone have other suggestions?

  28. Really?

    How is the weather like in Qatar? The weather is generally pleasant in winter and hot and humid during the summer months. Winter daytime temperatures average a very pleasant 20-35 degrees Celsius (68-95 degrees Fahrenheit), although nights can be relatively cool. You will need to wear a sweater or a light coat during the winter. In summer, the temperature gets as high as 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). 50Degree??

  29. Do you think this salary package is good?

    51000 tax free, free accmodation, transportation allowance, World wide medical cover, 30 days paid annual leave and family schooling? They have said their are other family benefits but I am still waiting on further details. Do you think this is a good offer? How expensive is it to live in Doha in terms of food, utility bills etc? Thanks

  30. does anyone know if skype can be used here

    Skype is a site where you are able to contact other people who use this site and also can make phone calls to others worldwide on there mobile or landline phones. I just wondered if this can be used here as I have heard some bad stories of people using this..

  31. what are vasta and who are they??

    i jus read abt this vasta,can anyone tell me how can dey help in gettin a residence visa/family it possile 2 get a visa if one doesnt have 7000 salary..pls help urgent

  32. Can I sell my mobile phone ?

    If I bring my mobile phones from overseas and want to change with a new mobile in Doha, is there any mobile phone shop will buy my mobile phone as 2nd hand price? Thank you.

  33. girlfriend visiting

    Hi. I am going to be posted to work in Qatar. I heard that it is illegal for unmarried couple to stay together in Qatar? is that true? and if so, if my gf would to visit me on a visit pass for a couple of weeks, can she stay with me? thanks for your help!

  34. NOC to buy a used car

    as a buyer,what is needed NOC to buy a used car in qatar. is there any body have an idea and experience about this. please.. thank

  35. Any SPANISH around???

    Hello... I was wondering if there is any spanish club or association? or any other Spaniards out there? I will appreciate if anyone let me know. Ps. Mi nombre es Natalia, soy de Barcelona, pero llevo anos viviendo en Asia, en un par de semanas nos trasladan a Doha y la verdad no conocemos a nadie... Hasta pronto. Natalia

  36. ban on crabing

    Just for everybodys information ,what is the reasons for banning crabbing? is it because its breeding season or just they dont want.

  37. Ant problem

    We are having problems with ants we have only found ant powder which isn't really appropriate.Can anyone or does anyone know of any other products here in Doha and where to buy them. regards Teresa

  38. Mothercare

    I'm moving to Doha soon-- and expecting. Is Mothercare there the same as in the UK, so I should be able to buy everything I need at a reasonable price? I'd be happy to find any decent alternative stores too! Thanks.

  39. Baby's visa

    Hi,my wife will be arriving with the new born baby next month. My wife is having RP upto september end. Our child will be 2 months and 6 days old when they arrive. So, is a Visa required for my child? I have heard that for 3 months no visa is required. So please let me know the rule for such a case. Thank you in advance

  40. Maple Syrup

    Where can i find good quality Maple Syrup? The particular recipe requires a good "GRADE B" Maple Syrup.Im not sure what that ?

  41. will I be ban? Or do I have to exit Qatar?

    Ive been here to Doha a month ago and I have a business visa. My employer is already processing my working visa. If ever I will resign and tranfer to another company, will I be ban? Or do I have to exit Qatar? What are the problems will I encounter? Please help.

  42. Best place in Thailand for vacation

    Hi: I am a single guy and am planning to spend 3 weeks in Thailand around Christmas. I have never been there before. I scuba dive and travel a fair amount. Any suggestions of where to go and what to do? Thx

  43. Restaurant similar to KSA

    When I was in a restaurant in KSA to eat rice and chicken, they spread a big plastic sheet on the carpet where I was sitting. Then rice will be poured and chicken will follow. There is a nice salad and marinated mix of tomato and herbs to dip the chicken. I have to eat with my fingers because this is more effective than utensils. Is there a restaurant similar to what I mentioned. If there is, restaurant and location please.

  44. Renewing ishtamara after expiry

    Would like to know much would be the fine for not renewing the car istamara after expiry. It is expired since 7 months. Your valuable information will be greatly appreciated

  45. What is Your Phone??

    I just want to ask what is the best brand of smartphone for you like iphone, samsung galaxy, htc and etc. becuase i justwant to purchased i need only suggestion what brand of smartphone to buy and without any problem and give more satisfactory to me as a user thanks for help and godbless.

  46. slimming tea

    I cant find any kankura or kankunis herbal tea here in Doha? can you help me where can I find a slimming tea to helps my metabolism. Cause my metabolism is too slow.

  47. dentist

    Please is there anyone knows a phillipine dentist here in doha kindly send to me the contact no., and location thank you..

  48. how can i know how many points of traffic?

    how can i know how many points of traffic violation i have on the MOI website. I went there and entered my vehicle number, it only gave me the last violation that i did not pay, but im pretty sure that i have more than 3 points. Thanks..

  49. Trolls, where to purchase them?

    I just arrived in Qatar last night , I am inquiring where to purchase trolls , they are little dolls with colorful stringy hair , and they can be big and they can be on keychains , any idea?

  50. School Questions

    Hi Everyone! I am so happy to find this forum and looking forward to hearing your thoughts. We will be moving to Doha this coming summer and are currently weighing our school options. I am looking for more information on ACS International, International School of London, and Qatar Academy. Any information at all about the environment, quality of academics, etc at these schools would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  51. Do I need a lawyer?

    I had rented a car from a local company, they needed the car back for 1 day to get it registered. They gave me a loaner car to use and the loaner car broke down while I was driving it. The car rental company is saying its my fault and that I have to pay for a new engine on the loaner car. I refused to pay and the car rental place said it will send it to the police and the courts. I am an American female. any advice?

  52. To Manila after 2morrow

    Hi i'm going to Manila after 2 days for 4 days trip. my hotel is located in Makati and i'm going to attend a seminars. can u tell me where shall i go during the day and the night. any beach or something special?

  53. Which is the best Handycam

    Good Mornings Qatar, Hello friends, I want to buy a handycam (Sony, Panasonic, Cannon). My limit is QR.1,400/- i dont know much about the good specifications. Please help me in buying and for good.will be greatful to you.

  54. Gratuity Payments

    My co-worker has been working here in Qatar for over 25 years. As per Qatar Law please help me determine the number of weeks he is entitled for his Gratuity payments. I have read that he is entitled for 6 weeks. Is this correct? Kindly cite the article or law which states it. Thanks.


    can any one inform me that electronic engineer ( need to attest his certificate in india before he took any job in qatar. If the person stuided in mumbai where he should attest the copy in delhi or mumbai. if anyone got any idea please inform

  56. Driving licence Change

    I am a Korean now working in Qatar i have Qatar ID, i need to take Qatar driving licence,is it possible to change Korean licence to Qatar. if any possibilty please give me the direction...

  57. Mumps anyone?

    A friend of mine currently has 3 boys at home with the mumps. All boys were vaccinated and received their boosters. Currently there is an epidemeic in Ontario Canada where they are doing mass vaccinations at universities, schools, hospitals etc. Anyone have kids currently with the mumps, or just getting over them? Has anyone gotten them more than once?

  58. Who is an expat?

    Hi All, I noticed that people selling their cars say that they are "expat" or "expat car". Well, what does that mean? Do "expat cars" bring more value than local folks' cars. I know expat take care of their cars and spend money on it. But, really .. who is an expat. To me .. when I read the advert, I expect an native english speaker or europeans. Is that so? or expat is just everyone who is not local?

  59. A good offer for Job Grade 7??

    I recently got a job offer from Qatar Airways. A total salary package of 13,800.00: Basic 9000.00 Housing 3500.00 Transportation 1000.00 Utilities 300.00 Is this a good offer for Job Grade 7??

  60. What one thing would do differently?

    This is aimed at ex-pats already living in Qatar. I am moving out in early October and would like to ask, what one thing you would do differently (if you had your time again) regarding your move? All help is much appreciated. Thanks Scott

  61. Pet Stores/Supplies?

    Hi all, I've got 2 Dogs and I usually just get there food from MegaMart and supplies online; I was wondering if there are any good pet stores here in Qatar where I can buy Dog Food in Bulk and good quality leashes/Toys. Names and Directions would be appreciated =). N.

  62. Is it a good salary?

    Hi there, I got an offer to move to Qatar from US I currently have a good position in a good institution I've 8 years experience. The offer is around QAR45k/month with other perks. How good it is? How does it in Qatar in terms of negotiating higher salaries? It's hard to find resources related to Salaries in Qatar ... Thanks ya'll

  63. doha bank

    I would like to know how many doha bank branches in qatar? Please if any body knows.

  64. Recommendation?

    Hi Everyone, Just moved here a few months ago and i'm thinking about buying a new car, more specifically a Jaguar XF. Does anyone have any idea or recommendations about Jaguars in this country ?

  65. Will Visa be provided in A4 sheet

    Hi , I recently got an offer with malomita through i2sbs. I was asked to submit my passport and they said that i will be receiving my visa in a A4 sheet. And after reaching qatar only i will be getting my visa stamped in passport is that true?? Please advise... Thanks, Praveen.

  66. Has Anyone heard about Europuppy?

    Hi, We were lookig for a dog/puppy for our family and that is when we came to see Europuppy in the internet. I would like to know if anyone in Qatar have tried to buy from Europuppy. Is it safe to purchase a pet online? What about the safety of the animal? The prices they have mentioned seem to be reasonable. Please do reply, if anyone have had a satisfied experience from Europuppy.

  67. Where does a single expat living in Qatar

    Hi Thinging about moving to Qatar, am single but am not sure where is the best place for me to live? Should i be considering compunds? Would like to have access to social contact with other expats, as I am coming here on my own. And how much is it a month for a two bedroom apartment? Thanks Londoner78

  68. Shipping of Car/Vehicle to Qatar

    I am buying a second hand car from Cyprus and they are shipping it here with the police clearance from Cyprus. I just would like to know whether i need something from customs, MOI or any government facility here before i can register it to my name. Thanks

  69. from hairdresser to secretary

    is anyone here knows if it is possible to change my visa and company from being hairdresser to secretary? i am planning to buy my NOC from my present company and planning to move to a new and more decent job which is secretary but i heard that it is not possible to change my profession, is it true? please help me

  70. Toys for Kitten..Suggestion require

    Hello friends, I want to buy some toys for my small kitten. I saw few toys at Qatar Vet Center but I found them very costly. Can anyone suggest me the place from where to buy? Also please suggest what I can buy for her to make her playful. Thanks, Hemali

  71. Buying car parts from scrapyard.

    Hi. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy car parts from the scrapyard located at your right hand when you drive from Mesaieed to Al Wakra ? I have been down there a couple of times, but everytime I meet a man who doesn`t speak english.

  72. Avery Labels

    I am looking for an Avery labels, I wonder if anyone know where could I buy them. Many thanks...CRM

  73. to re-gift or not?

    do you find it tacky or practical to recycle unused,unopened gifts and give them to other people?i would really love to know your opinions about this matter. thanks.

  74. If I lost my cat, how can i find her?

    I have this persian cat that lived with me for over 7years, and after we moved out the house, I placed her only for a night in our neighbours. The next day I came and my cat was gone. Shes been away for past 4 days now. I hope no1 took her and sell her. Shes a female gray perian cat, without a tail. So how can I find her? Any Ideas?

  75. Valid Work Permit, entry 6 months passport?

    Hi, I have a valid work permit not expiring until next year. My question is will a passport with less than 6 months be a problem when entering the country again? has anyone got an idea or experienced something similar to this situation? Thanks

  76. Qatar International School

    Can anyone tell me what's happening at QIS? Have heard rumours that the old owners of the school have been asked to leave Doha. Who is running it now? Will there be problems for the students now?

  77. Waxing

    Ok, strange question, but does anyone know where body waxing (hair removal) can get done in Doha for men? Only thinking of back waxing, not anything else. Most of the salons are women only. Thanks in advance. Probably not really a family related question, but I'm sure my family would appreciate it when we are sitting at the pool :-)

  78. A little girl

    I saw a little girl running by the streets , and she had a cat attached to her that normal in this country?

  79. Cost of renting ATV's

    Does anyone know the basic cost of renting a large ATV by the sand dunes in Mesaieed? Also anyone know where you can rent one for a day with a trailer, and the cost of a 450 or larger ATV? Thanks

  80. why supermarkets not keeping coins?

    why supermarkets not keeping coins?always they are giving chewing gum or it dificult to keep coins in qatar? or this is a business trick? if we argue they will ask coin from us. anyway.... this is not a good habit.

  81. Bringing Prescription Medicine To Qatar

    Dear friends, Please tell me if I will face a problem if I am carrying my own personal prescription medicines with me to Qatar. I have the prescription of my Indian Doctor. I would have to carry about 365 of those capsules for 1 year of stay in Doha. I think they open and check all the bags at airport. What about sending them by courier to Qatar with prescription? Is it allowed? Thank you, Junaid

  82. Is it a traffic vilolation?

    hi frnds,yesterday night at 10pm at airportsignal,waiting for the signal to be green.All of sudden the cops came up and blocked all the roads and told to drive off,but the signal is red and along with us in the lane there were other cars too.cops showed us handsignal and told us to drive off,as we moved off the camera flashed and there were couple of cars also alng with me. Will this be a traffic vilation and i wil be fined??? thnks

  83. Teacher Salary range

    My wife is a elementary(Primary) teacher in the Philippines, I'll be bringing my family here soon. If she plan to teach here in Qatar. How much salary she'll expect? Any Philippine School Teacher here? how much salary do they give at Phil School? And what are the Phil. School here in Qatar? Any allowance too? Please.

  84. credit cards

    can i withdraw money from my ibq credit card in the philippines? im in the philippines now.. thanks..

  85. RC toys

    hello guys and gals..could anyone of u knows where to buy a good and originals RC helicopters and toy guns here in longin for this toys but its nowhere to find.. thanks

  86. RP Renewal 2 months before expiration.

    I'll be going to my country by the end of this month. Me and my childrens' RP will expire in Dec/Jan. Can I renew my RP before 2 months from its expiration date. Because I don't want to come back and waste my money on tickets and then go back. I'll be going for a long vacations. Please advise me.

  87. Where can i find dress fabric shops in Doha?

    Good morning, Can anyone help me to find a good place to buy dress farics here in doha? I've been looking and the only place i found was in souq waqif but i am wondering if is there any other place? Please if anyone can help me it would be great. Thanks

  88. Same old question...Is this enough

    I have been offered a position as Country Manager for an international company, the offer is as follows: Salary - QR26K pm Housing - QR26K pm Transport - QR2.5K pm Signing Bonus - QR90K Setup Allowance - QR20K Schooling Medical Can you tell me if this will support my family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids)

  89. Is this good price?

    I went to Mitsubishi Showroom Salwa and asked the price for Lancer 2009 model 1.6L...The last price they can give around 54k with full option but w/o sun roof. Is this good price?

  90. How to start a new business in Doha?

    Hi All, does anyone have information about what is required to start up a new business in Doha? How to get a local sponsor? What is required? etc? Which should be the first step of the process? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  91. Apply SCHENGEN VISA from Qatar while on Qatar VISIT VISA ?

    I was working in a Qatari Company for 2 years I had to go to my Country and for some reasons my Resident VISA Got expired. I have come again on the same Company on VISIT VISA and for last 06 months, I am working. My salary has been transferred to same OLD Bank Account. Can I apply for SCHENGEN VISA and How ?

  92. Al-Gharrafa area, whats it like?

    Hi, I am moving to Qatar in the next couple of weeks and we will be living in Al-Gharrafa. What's this area like? I also have a 6 year old boy so any schools near this area? Thanks in anticipation

  93. entrance exams for schools

    Hi My daughter is due to sit entrance exams for a start in Sept 2010 in year 7 (11+) stage. Anyone got any tips or insider info on what she needs to study to help her? Any advice gratefully received!

  94. Still at work?

    Who's with me?????????????been at work from 6am.......... how about you? what are you still doing at the office right now?

  95. Visit Visa

    Dear All, I want to bring one of my friend under VISIT VISA who was my class mate in Philippine. But could you tell even though VISIT VISA is only for 1 month, is there any possibility to EXTEND VISA at least for another one month. If anybody can help me in this regard, highly appreciate. Thx.

  96. Hou much should i pay for this car

    Dear Friends, I am planning to buy a second hand (used) Toyota Corolla Car and i found few 2007 models in QL. I belive there will be many people here in QL who have tremendous experience and knwoledge aboout cars and price. so seeking your advice on this So how much do you think i shoudl pay for a low mielage (50,00 kms) 2007 Model toyota corolla car ( car is in good shape ) please advice regards.

  97. msi laptops in qatar, doha.

    im comin to qatar in next 2 days. I want to buy an msi g series laptop. Its model name is msi g683r. Can anyone guide me where can i get this laptop? I heard about the electronic market in qatar. Please let me know as fast as possible. Thank you.

  98. Roses in Australia

    My wife is currently on vacation in Australia to visit her family. I am planning to surprise her by sending a dozen of red roses. Any trusted website?

  99. Google

    Does anyone know how to find Google? I tried to Google it but found myself stuck in a paradox loop.