Will Visa be provided in A4 sheet

Hi , I recently got an offer with malomita through i2sbs. I was asked to submit my passport and they said that i will be receiving my visa in a A4 sheet. And after reaching qatar only i will be getting my visa stamped in passport is that true?? Please advise... Thanks, Praveen.


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As meteris stated, company

As meteris stated, company will apply for visa. It can take 2-3 days, but don't be surprised if it stretches to 2-3 weeks.

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sound right

You will be sent usually, by email a pdf copy of the Work Visa, when you arrive you show immigration along with your passport, they will give you a normal arrivals stamp in your passport one and also a stamp saying you should report to expatriate affairs within 1 month. Once you arrive, you will be blood typed, tested, x-rayed and have your finger prints taken and then once you have passed all of that your sponsor will apply for the residents permit which is a passport size sheet stuck in the passport, which states your occupation and visa type.

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Hi ...Thanks for the

Hi ...Thanks for the update....And i also i havent filled any visa application form i have only signed and sent my offer letter...Is that enough for visa processing becuase the consultancy did not ask much only my certificates softcopy they took.....Is that ok for processing?

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should be

that's all they took for me, you may need some verification of the certificates by the embassy here to confirm they haven't been forged. You sponsor needs to apply for a visa for a certain position and nationality before you can get your work permit, so they will have that and your quals and nationality should match.

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you dont need to sign any

you dont need to sign any visa application form.

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Hi thanks for the update both of you...One more small clarification how many days will it take for the PDF visa to be processed????

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no idea on that

no idea on that

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