What one thing would do differently?

This is aimed at ex-pats already living in Qatar. I am moving out in early October and would like to ask, what one thing you would do differently (if you had your time again) regarding your move? All help is much appreciated. Thanks Scott


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to be 10 years younger ..

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What a nice way to frame the

What a nice way to frame the question. Thought provoking too. I haven't been here long enough, but I don't regret anything about moving here. Before coming here I looked up and read a lot about Qatar and the social scene(QL was a big part of getting info). Even when you come here, take your time when deciding where you want to stay. Get a feel of the place and neighborhood. Move around in places you might enjoy (malls, Souq, Katara, go to the orchestra etc), and choose which hangout you like best enough to be frequent in. Is there any particular thing you are concerned about during this move? All the best.

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i wouldn't have moved!

i wouldn't have moved!

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training courses: i wish that

training courses: i wish that i have made more before coming here coz here it is costlier and no free time for it.

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Nothing to be scared of.

Nothing to be scared of. Qatar is a great place. The only thing I would have done differently is to ask that the company provide family housing, rather than having to find it myself.

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Get any documents that you

Get any documents that you will need (police clearance certificate, marriage certificate etc) attested before you move out. You can do it from here but it's more hassle. Also, set up any savings accounts, ISAs etc you think you may need as once you're out here you'll be unable to set stuff up as an expat. On top of that, if you have a shipping allowance bring as much as you can - particularly boks, CDs, DVDs etc. I brought just a couple of boxes and have since had to buy stuff which I had left in storage at home.

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