Mumps anyone?

A friend of mine currently has 3 boys at home with the mumps. All boys were vaccinated and received their boosters. Currently there is an epidemeic in Ontario Canada where they are doing mass vaccinations at universities, schools, hospitals etc. Anyone have kids currently with the mumps, or just getting over them? Has anyone gotten them more than once?


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Luck by Chance.....precaution is better than.....

Doctors recommend but could not give a guarantee, but after immunization, chances are less that you will get sick...BUT chances are there on other side as well.

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Good health will never be realized unless there is good hygiene (nothing about the poor lady with mumpy sons) 1. clean drinking water 2. good sanitation 3. good personal hygiene - washing and no spitting that may explain partly why immunised people still get TB

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mumps... goodness, got that when I was 19

my neck swelled so much, I looked like a cobra... wasn't pleasant....

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I wonder if perhaps the vaccine they got as babies was somehow a bad batch and therefore did not adequately protect the children. And I completely disagree with the vaccinations are stupid remark. Vaccinations have saved millions of lives.

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DeeDee, if a baby or child's

DeeDee, if a baby or child's immune system is not developed enough to be able to process the antibodies inside a vaccination then it is pointless and stupid. Now if we are to discuss the meaning of this word vaccinate then what is being done is not vaccination as by definition a vaccination is to inoculate with a vaccine to produce immunity. It is proven that this is not being done. How is it that 20% of TB cases in Qatar had been 'vaccinated' and received boosters? They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to see it... --George Carlin

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Maybe cause for concern if

Maybe cause for concern if there is testicular swelling, its not 100% sure if it can or will cause male fertility problems.

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