Gratuity Payments

My co-worker has been working here in Qatar for over 25 years. As per Qatar Law please help me determine the number of weeks he is entitled for his Gratuity payments. I have read that he is entitled for 6 weeks. Is this correct? Kindly cite the article or law which states it. Thanks.


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seems like you read the law, haven't you??

How come you say " I have read that he is entitled for 6 weeks. Is this correct" and then you ask the people to cite the article...would rather suggest to you to go back to the law and get it right. Contact a lawyer for support and guidance or go to the Ministry of Labour for details. Regards!!!

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as i know, he is entitled to

as i know, he is entitled to receive payment woth 3 weeks per every year starting from the year the law was effective (2003 or 2004 i can't remember) to his last basic salary. Yalla!

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I have read that he is entitled for 6 weeks.

I read it in a newspaper article but I couldn't find it in the Labor law. I hope to see written expressly in the labor law. Hope you could help me find it.

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If his contract doesn't

If his contract doesn't state anything to the contrary, I believe at minimum he is entitled to 3 weeks salary for every year worked = in his case 25 years x 3 weeks = 75 weeks or about 1.5 years last salary (not an average or his original pay but his latest). However, some employers do state they will pay more than the labour law stipulates. He should check his contract. His employer is NOT allowed to pay less than the minimum the labour law has approved. If in doubt or dispute, he should contact a reputable lawyer. This is a substantial sum of money. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

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check article 54, Qatar

check article 54, Qatar Labour Law of 2004, it's stated there unless that law doesn't apply to your mate or has been revise, nevertheless you get there your required info.
^_^ imho

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