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Hi Everyone! I am so happy to find this forum and looking forward to hearing your thoughts. We will be moving to Doha this coming summer and are currently weighing our school options. I am looking for more information on ACS International, International School of London, and Qatar Academy. Any information at all about the environment, quality of academics, etc at these schools would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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ACS seems to be getting off

ACS seems to be getting off on a good footing. Qatar Academy only takes Qatari's in certain years ISL is fine None of these schools are ranked as the best in Doha - but the chances of getting into those are not good

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your responses. Pike, I would be interested in hearing more details if you don't mind? Simonsmithy, I was under the impression Qatar Academy ranks very highly?

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Yes QA is very good - but as

Yes QA is very good - but as I said I am not sure whether it takes non-qataris in certain years

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Thank you! What would you

Thank you! What would you consider to be the best ranked schools in Doha? Being from Canada we are looking for an American or IB curriculum to ease the transition when we return. We will apply to ASD, but as you suggested, unlikely we will secure spots. So we are left with ACS and ISL as I understand it. Any others I am missing? Thanks so much!!

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ACS is your best bet after

ACS is your best bet after ASD. ASD and ACS are the only schools that truly follow an American curriculum. it is new, but really has gotten off to a good start. Parents are happy there. QA is great but difficult to get in if you are not Qatari or work for QF. Plus, the behavior of certain children who go there is rediculous. Teachers afraid to discipline kids with a particular last name, so those kids run wild.

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Hi ComingtoDoha! Any luck

Hi ComingtoDoha! Any luck with Your school search? I'm moving to Doha too from Canada and have been searching and searching. Would love any help in this matter! ASD seems like the best option, am I right?

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