Family Visit Visa

What are the documents needed (in the Phil) to bring my family(wife and son) here in Qatar for Family Visit visa? Should they come here on visit visa then later when they are here convert to family visit visa? or direct family visit? Please help....i need them to be here on Jan'2011.


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well im not really sure about

well im not really sure about the salary certificate thing from company coz other people said that they also require bank statement for 3 or 6 months ensuring that your salary cross from 7000 riyals and above. feel free to correct if this wrong. (company contract + salary certificate + bank statement + house rent /elec/water bills) thats all i know for now. God bless....

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Family Visit Visa

hi, you can apply here. but some procedures you need to do. 1. you need to have marriage contract and birth cert. of child with red ribbon from DFA Phil. 2. then you need to go bring those documents at Phil. Embassy here in Doha for stamp. 3. then after that you need to go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for stamp. 4. Now ask your company to process Family Visit Visa for your wife and child. Hope it helps. God bless.

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tnx cokewh! the red ribbon

tnx cokewh! the red ribbon should also be needing stamp from the Phil? or only here in qatar? what about they're passport? a copy only or the original is needed? is that automatic 6 months or renew only monthly when they are here?

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it's up to you and your

it's up to you and your eligibility to either to bring them on family visit visa (6 months) or Family/RP visa. If you are eligible, bring them on Family/RP Visa right away, no need 6 months visit visa. I am not sure about Phils, but here to apply you need their passport copies, copy of your marriage certificate, copy of your kid(s)' Birth certificate(s) -/sometimes these documents must be attested, not always though/- , NOC letter from your sponsor, bank statements. to be eligible to sponsor your family, you have to meet certain requirements (position, salary, etc.) Make Search on QL and you will find a lot of info on this subject

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i got only QAR 5,000 basic

i got only QAR 5,000 basic but have our accomodation plus transpo allowance(it will total to 7,500). would this enough for RP visa?

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thanks all for the help! for

thanks all for the help! for the docs? do i need all the original copy or just a copy(xerox) is enough?

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