how can i know how many points of traffic?

how can i know how many points of traffic violation i have on the MOI website. I went there and entered my vehicle number, it only gave me the last violation that i did not pay, but im pretty sure that i have more than 3 points. Thanks..


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I had OLD violations, and they are all parking tickets, no speeding not red light (Thank God) But does anyone know where i can find how many points i have accumulated till now?

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Instead of your plate No.

Instead of your plate No. try your Qatar Id..

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Andrews, i tried that

when i placed my ID number it gave me that i should go to the MOI department, and list my violations to the ID. I guess no one here knows the answer. :( thanks anyway

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go to then

go to then click Traffic Violations and insert by ID number and it will give you how many black points you have

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forgot to mention before

forgot to mention before clicking traffic violations you need to enter to the E-Services once you get into the website

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Traffic Violation Info via txt message

send txt message TC(plate number)to 2992 >> quickest way to find out if you have any traffic violation...will not contain details on the point system though...i guess you'll have to go to the traffic department for more details.

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It will take time for them

It will take time for them to upload in the site. saboor ! no worries, u will get your points u owe ! -- Community Guidelines: #5 Stay on topic and do not hijack threads or post off-topic comments... rMs..!!

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