Tips on saving money in Qatar

So, I have seen that I have been spending money more than usual. So, I need to cut back on expenses!! What are your tips on saving money here?


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Need vs Want

Figure out the difference between "I want this item." and "I need this item." That should save some hard earned riyals.

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drive slow!!

drive slow and u can save a lot of money here in qatar!!! [img_assist|nid=17892|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=180|height=135]

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yep Mozzie a good piece pf

yep Mozzie a good piece pf advise! So b4 buying anything else, always ask yourself first if you need it or just wanted it, you see the big difference. It works for me. Also don't go for brands names as they just almost the same as the ordinary but you will save a lot, unless it's further reduction. Goodluck!!!!

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money?....what is that?

money?....what is that? ----------------------------------------------------------------Give me some SunShine......Give me some Rain Give me another Chance...I wanna grow up once Again

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stick on QL .... its free !

stick on QL .... its free !

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basic tip...

am kinda new here in Qatar..but here's from my financial adviser Dr.Suze: the basic tip to saving money, is simply to GET A GRIP, focus on where you are today: what you have, what you owe..e.g., track your spending, calculate your net worth, check your credit profile, cut spending by short, don't live beyond your means. i understand how you is're busy..tackling money issues isn't fun..but you don't need all that can easily pull that off..make 2010 the year to find your financial confidence..take charge and good luck!

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Go to shopping malls. Stop eating fast food. and stop surfing too so you wont go for online shopping.

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OK.. see???? around 10 post


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Ok Suzan

fine then stop going to gym. its worthless.

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do not spend beyond your limit. if your earing much expect that you'll expend more yeah its true. practice to make a list before your go for shopping. Thank you and Best wishes **Dont get discourage when things go beyond your imagination because the greatest glory in life is not falling but rising everytime you fall. Life is what you make it**

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GYM?! Darude..

GYM?! Darude.. hummmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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as working parents, i have

as working parents, i have the same problem. first i stopped using my credit card. second, i stopped going out with friends to restaurants, since lebanese are famous on fighting over the bill, and i don't like to loose a fight:) third, we're trying our best to have our food always at home, cooking in the evening for second day lunch/dinner. last and MOST important: make a list for your weekend shopping and STICK to the list. again STICK TO THE LIST WOMEN STICK TO THE GOD DAMN LIST LADIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hope this is helpful Yalla!

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stay at home, watch tv &

stay at home, watch tv & sleep during weekends.. this is my most effective way.. :D temper is something u cant get rid of... by loosing it...

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save money

you can't save money in qatar. so try to earn more. find any good job with good salary.

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good point LOL!

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Send me your detail

expense list and I'll suggest where you could cut back or reduce expenses In general O expenses on luxury items and 90% on essential goods.

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Darude, the muscularioum homosapiens

I think; If Darude begins using the bench press, probably you will find him choking with the press bar in his throat.

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think of it that you will

think of it that you will loose your job next month... surely you will think of spending a single dime!

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suzan, thank Allah I'm not a

suzan, thank Allah I'm not a coffee person at all. I enjoy my Rainbow and Lipton when I'm in the mood. As for SAVING, since that is your question. I think it is pretty simple. Start from the first day. When you get your salary, ex. Qr10,000, set aside Qr2,000 in a saving account that you would open. Make sure you make it a standing monthly order, so your brain will function to accept that your salary is only Qr8,000 and you would have to manage with that. Maybe you would want to start small, but 20% of your monthly pay is a great start. Then you can increase it when you manage to settle into the saving/budgeting lifestyle. Good luck!

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My tips are:

1:Avoid to purchase such items in advance which you think might be rarely used by you. 2: Try to compare product prices with similar products especially buying groceries/household items. 3: Avoid branded products maximum if possible e.g. Shirts,pants,trousers & shoes which can be purchased with very less prices in Musheirib Street,Souq Najada or Souq Area. 4: Maximum avoid eating from outside. 5: Try your luck by investing your savings as much as you can in DOHA BANK ALDANA SCHEME, AHLI BANK'S MY HASSAN SAVING CERTIFICATES or NATIONAL BONDS-UAE. May be you might get lucky and win MILLION RIYALS. . Sadly, I'm unable to follow none of them after getting married. :P :P :P

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1: Give miss calls to others and let them call you to save your QTEL BILLS :P :P 2: Spend maximum time in malls to save KAHRAMA bills. :P :P 3: Visit other family or friends houses just at dinner/lunch times so you can share their food and save money too :P :P 4: Why to spend money on ADSL line when you have free ADSL LINE in parks :P :P 5: Take lifts from your colleagues to & from your house to save patrol money :P :P

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