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When I was in a restaurant in KSA to eat rice and chicken, they spread a big plastic sheet on the carpet where I was sitting. Then rice will be poured and chicken will follow. There is a nice salad and marinated mix of tomato and herbs to dip the chicken. I have to eat with my fingers because this is more effective than utensils. Is there a restaurant similar to what I mentioned. If there is, restaurant and location please.


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Name of the restaurant is Adan they serve Mande type of cooking.

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where exactly is it

where exactly is it tcom/khanan?

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Most Pakistani restaurant

Most Pakistani restaurant serve this way.

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Yes, the restaurant I've been is operated by Afghans. Thanks for your input. Anyone who could recommend a restaurant.

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al-katem next to Midmak

al-katem next to Midmak bridge (right side when going ramada-decor r/a)

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Try.. Afghan brothers.. they

Try.. Afghan brothers.. they have branches in Al-Nasr, Rayyan and wakrah

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