I'm moving to Doha soon-- and expecting. Is Mothercare there the same as in the UK, so I should be able to buy everything I need at a reasonable price? I'd be happy to find any decent alternative stores too! Thanks.


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Everything is available

Everything is available here...on double price.

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Not only Mothercare, but there are more similar shops where you can buy what ever you want

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the main ones will be mothercare and babyshop. i had stumbled upon a baby/mother department in Lulu supermarket/hypermarket, which offers pretty good range of things you need. let me know if you have anything in mind that you think you might not find it here in Doha. so that you dont have to buy from UK.

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Yup Mother care is here, so

Yup Mother care is here, so is baby shop which both are very good quality and stuff.

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mothercare / babyshop / max /

mothercare / babyshop / max / Jameel / the wear house and many more you will discover more when you will arrive

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Yes Mothercare, ELC, M&P, etc

Yes Mothercare, ELC, M&P, etc are here - but not reasonably priced, you will see the price in pounds and then the extortionate price in riyals. I only buy what I have to from here, everything else I bring over from the UK...

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Just to give you an

Just to give you an M&S I picked up a pair of shoes for my little one, the price tag said 16 and QAR150...

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true say Snessy you are

true say Snessy you are right. I would buy everything from the UK They are definitely double the price and in some cases triple

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I've experienced the same

I've experienced the same snessy. I got 1 piece of maternity blouse here for almost QR500. With the same amount, I was able to buy 4 to 5 pairs in the Phils, better quality, nicer design. Some of their prices are TERRIBLE.

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just my 5 cent worth of opinion: not all the things you need, you should buy abroad just because they are more expensive in doha. i wouldnt buy a baby cot and brought it over to doha. likewise for diapers (pampers). how many packs of pampers can you buy from abroad for a good one year supply, just because they might be cheaper abroad. my opinion is you should consider buying things, which are not in Qatar, from your home country. even if you try to avoid paying more on baby stuff, you will eventually spend more on something else out here and at the same time paying less for other things too, like car and petrol.

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