Sand storms

I've heard that sand storms are pretty common in Qatar. How frequent are they and what are the necessary preventive actions to be taken? Do advise. Thanks! =)


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kiasi? :p

kiasi? :p

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Yeah its common here

Yeah its common here espeically during summer ! I dont know about the frequency coz i am not doin Preventative measure is to stay at home, wear a dust mask or something whenever u go out or it alwayz to stay indoors. Cheers !

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Sandstorm...hmmmm interest

Sandstorm...hmmmm interest topic here...

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frequency don't

frequency don't know......... preventive measures is stay at home & relax..........

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It seems your not going out

It seems your not going out anywhere when it's raining with sand. May I suggest you go out and enjoy the dust...cheers! By the way, where in Qatar are staying?

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I'll be arriving in Qatar in April 2012 and will be staying at the Al Sadd area.. Does difference areas have different intensities of sand storms? (I was wondering why you asked)

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there is sand storm today in

there is sand storm today in qatar so enjoy and have a nice experience, dont worry in summer these will be more frequetly.

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