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Hi. I am going to be posted to work in Qatar. I heard that it is illegal for unmarried couple to stay together in Qatar? is that true? and if so, if my gf would to visit me on a visit pass for a couple of weeks, can she stay with me? thanks for your help!


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Can not stay...

As per the law, its true... unmarried couples can not stay together in the same place, but trust me... There are alot of unmarried couples staying together here. The only way to go abt it is by not making a major talk-show abt it.

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what if..

Thanks for replying. But what if neighbours or God knows who report me in? How sensitive is this matter in Qatar?

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she may stay with u but

she may stay with u but don't get caught... goodluck on that. glitter Pictures, Images and Photos

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Better not do it...and if

Better not do it...and if you were caught, you and she will be lashed, jailed and deported, if you live in in Phils. dont do it here, dont get inspired by the reality that there were some here living together who are not legally married, you will regret...  


"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

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thanks everyone..

Even if I am not a Muslim I presume. So the only arrangement for having someone visiting is to put her in a hotel? Is that alright then?

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So you're saying that

So you're saying that slandering a school is more serious than co-habiting with a member of the opposite sex who isn't your spouse?

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yes tallq

slandering a school can be serious especially if it is not true and for your information the owner of that school building is working from the government at Qatar University. so Pike is in serious trouble there. but individually cases like living with someone who is not their spouse is not a big deal for them as too many of these case here. I'll give you an example. One of my neightbor send her maid to jail when the maid stole some of her jewelries and some money and run off with a local guy. the maid was sent to jail for 1 year for stealing and not for running away with the guy who helped her. The lawyer told the maid's sponsor it is the maids business if she wants to practise her sexual activities with other man although the maid is married back home.

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There is no problem, she is

There is no problem, she is your cousin/best friend and she is seeing you after ages....that's all :-) But I hope you are staying on your own. I don't know what's all the fuss about. She is coming for a few weeks to spend time with are CID's involved in this, That's just BS!

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Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone. I read through all the comments. I guess it is a sticky situation to begin with. I am still a little confused. Maybe I'll just have a talk with my girlfriend and see what is the best way for us to work this out. Thanks for all the advice.

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there is no any problem for

there is no any problem for the VISITORS! as Shaine said she might be one of your family members who is just visiting Qatar and you happened to live and work here...Don't announce the whole world about your relationship and you will be all right. She only came to VISIT you, nothing wrong with that. And dont think that I advise to violate the law. Again, you definitely cannot live together while both are working here, you cannot be common-in-law here. But visiting definitely everyone can come and visit his/her friends here, nothing wrong with that ********************* You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. Antoine de Saint-Exupry

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Just passing on what I heard

Just passing on what I heard QS. I'm sure someone will confirm if it's true. Your point about rents etc is valid. You comment about 'gays' is unfortunate.

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Wishful thinking. Don't count on long term free room and board ;)

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hey you man, GOOD LUCK to

hey you man, GOOD LUCK to you! THINK MUCH.... SPEAK LITTLE, WRITE LESS... IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN! -hal ko i'm getting worst-

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One other issue to consider

One other issue to consider is whether or not you will be in company housing. People tend to be a little more judgmental when they are sharing the same accomodations. Hotels are best. Mandi

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first of all you don't need to inquire your situation here. second of all expect both negative and positive answers. and third of all you don't tell to other people that she is just your girlfriend that you live together in 1 roof it's not their business to know, for goodness sake this is not Saudi Arabia. you just have to be careful to bump to any nosey people that may report you. Chill out enjoy your time with your love ones!

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Jamon, your advice may be

Jamon, your advice may be well-meaning but perhaps not very accurate. Yes, there are people who will say yes and no but Dan needs to consider the issues and consequences. His profile says that he is a pilot. IF (an assumption) he is working for QR and living in their housing and his girlfriend sashays in and out every couple of months I suspect that he will be busted sooner than later. QR is pretty strict. He will have to decide if it's worth losing his job and being deported for violating company policy as well as Qatar law. Can he get away with it? Yes, probably for a while. Will he? I suspect not and the consequences are severe. It's not just a slap on the wrist. Mandi

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If someone reports you

If someone reports you you'll must probably be deported. jamon - I think it is illegal for an un-married man and woman to live in the same house, even if they aren't girlfriend and boyfriend, so not telling people she is your girlfriend will make no difference. also jamon - I find it odd your encouraging someone to break the law while in another thread you are mentioning that CID watch the site and will trace IPs and act on things if they're reported.

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an few days ago

a flat was raided by CID, 3 couples are living as husband and wife (not married). They are now in Jail. "katas ng qatar"

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enjoy man

stay and enjoy dont say

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Well its still up to you,

Well its still up to you, but since you are asking, then you have to make up your mind and do the right thing,,remember you are not in your country, so to be safe, be cautioned, regret is always at the end..  


"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

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dan281...Why Take Chances?

If you're reported and "got caught", both of you will be severely punished as per Qatar's law. No need to take chances and plan on a happy visit instead. Salam

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