Do you think this salary package is good?

51000 tax free, free accmodation, transportation allowance, World wide medical cover, 30 days paid annual leave and family schooling? They have said their are other family benefits but I am still waiting on further details. Do you think this is a good offer? How expensive is it to live in Doha in terms of food, utility bills etc? Thanks


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and for schooling, you have

and for schooling, you have to make it clear you want to send the kids to the british curriculum school. And make sure the company will pay FULL FEES not percentage.

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Good offer , as long as they pay for accomodation and Schools other things is sheap.

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Good Offer...Go for

Good Offer...Go for It....GOODLUCK

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It is a good offer go for

It is a good offer go for it, but like Novita said, get it all in writing first. We didn't get all we were promised and it can be a massive let down.

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No worries bout d foods n bills out here,,, alla is cheap... but bills in school and in accomodation,,, OMG! But gudluck then... We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

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I'm not much sure about your

I'm not much sure about your needs and taste. But if you get everything for free of cost but your food, then its a decent offer. I guess you've already posted about his prospective employer. And if they are directly hiring your hubby then I'd say stick on to it. ---If you can't CONVINCE them, CONFUSE them!!!

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sallary and allowance

ive be offered a job of 45,000 with a package of fully furnished accom,flight+car+medical cover i have to send money back to the uk so i need advise on good banks and there charges for transfering local currency to how much is it to eat out to eating inn so i can budget for both ilook forward in hearing from you all many thanks

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Forgot to mention....

Free annual flights too.

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The job is

as a General manager for a retailer.

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