Which school is better Voltaire or Bonaparte

Hey, Considering a move to Qatar. What do you recommend as a French speaking school? Voltaire or Bonaparte?


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Tony, there are French

Tony, there are French schools in Qatar? Never heard of them..;/

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tonyhanna1, I would suggest

tonyhanna1, I would suggest you a few points to avoid regret in future; Just after your arrival, as a parent you should visit both schools yourself. You should check the school's curriculum; activities plan and the academic calendar...ask for the strength of the particular class and see the premises... If youre satisfied by all means, then decide yourself where to enroll your child.

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information request about voltaire french school

Dear All, anybody gan send me the e-mail of the voltaire school and its web page . thanks you for your support yasser

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no website!

Hey Yasser they do not have a website! As for their email it is: sec.lyceevoltairedoha@yahoo.fr

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thank you tony for your

thank you tony for your prompt reply and kind support actually i have tried to contact many French school in Doha, while i will move to Doha next july and my family is doing to follow me next august. so i am trieng to contact French school asking them thier regestration procedures for my kids . i have recieved a reply from bonabart school which was a little bit disappointing while they have mentioned that the possibility for my kids to join bonabart school is very low while the periority is to french paople. i also contacted lebanese school who mentioned that they only accept the lebanese student while they have a limited position. i am woundering whether you can help me in that issue once again , thanks for your co-operation, regards, yasser

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Lol Edifis..Wondering what they teach at Elton John School?...

Wondering what they teach at Elton John School?...

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Jack any such institutes

Jack any such institutes propagating any banned ideologies like homosexuality are not allowed in Qatar!

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Jack they teach you all about

Jack they teach you all about 'candle in the hind'

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Thank you and WoW

Thank you Edifis, I agree that your summary is a great insight into these institutions. It will surely help us in making our decision! I'll get back to you on it (hehe nice comment about the gauls btw)

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Level of French

Dear Edifis,As we are finalizing our move to Qatar, I thought I'd ask you this question. We were told that the level of French in Voltaire might be low due to the blend with non-French speakers. Do you know anything about that?

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great reviews!

Dear Edifis, on the contrary ur reviews were very helpful! are u in the field of education? that is what made me want to know more from you

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Voltaire or Bonaparte?

Bonaparte is probably much more famous than Voltaire. Apart from "Candide", no one bothers with Voltaire's literary works any more. Yes, he was a leading force in the Enlightenment and he has had some influence on French thought, but Napoleon's influence upon the whole of Europe was far more profound. I suppose that you could compare Napoleon to Hitler, as in some ways Napoleon was responsible for a series of wars that affected the whole of Europe, from the gates of Moscow to Madrid. On the other hand, Napoleon was not a racist and certainly never even contemplated genocide. To be fair to Napoleon, it is true to say that the old monarchies of Europe were very unhappy with the appearance of republican France and therefore they set out to squash the Revolution by force of arms. So Napoleon did not start the wars that dragged on until 1815, but he certainly continued them, very successfuly for a long while, and his final defeat also meant the end of the Revolution and the return of the Bourbons.

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Both are good schools

Both are good schools but Bonaparte will teach your kids to become a good leader but they concentrate mainly on outdoor physical activities, manoeuvers & strategies. Horse riding and lances & swords are their speciality. They also concentrate on proper health hygiene & sanitation and frequently remind the kid about properly using water in the loo..which the gauls generally dislike! So they will make a good manager & strategist of you kid! on the other hand Voltaire will make your child more of a philosopher! They encourage independent thinking...and mainly concentrates on indoor activities! They inculcate good moral values in the child and he will surely grow up to be a thinking person! In school they encourage kids to read great works of science and fiction. The literary skills in your kid will bloom. In addition they also teach the art of candid photography & journalism! Specialization: Wit & sattire in poetry & Prose!

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