Just curious to see if anyone has any good suggestions for places to run in Doha. The only posts I have found say the Corniche. That is kind of obvious :). I go to the Corniche when I get the chance. Other than that I run at Khalifa Stadium. Anyone have other suggestions?


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I think running up to Corniche would be an option...

I think running up to Corniche would be an option....not many have completed the UkEngQatar...there are many like me for whom Sunday is the second day of the week :( Baldrick is joking (rhyming HHH gave him away)

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I been wondering about local

I been wondering about local HHH groups, how many people come along?

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The new park behind Hyatt Plaza is lovely and has a path all the way round with that slightly bouncy rubber surface (which they seem to be repairing already . . .).

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You could always join up

You could always join up with the Hash House Harriers! There are two groups who run on Mondays and Wednesdays. The monday group go out to the desert, while the Wednesday group do all the palces you already go to. Monotone MIA

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Thanks! Baldrick, You know

Thanks! Baldrick, You know what time they meet and what their skill levels are? Never forget the things that really do matter...

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Skill levels!

Skill levels! ROTFLMAO!!! They range from cripples to marathon runners. They are not 'serious' athletes, but just a bunch of guys that like to have a bit of excercise and socialise. Runs vary from 6-10k and generally last 50-90 minutes There's a saying ... "If you have half a mind to join the Hash House Harriers, that's all you need!" Monotone MIA

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Sounds good, I may be able

Sounds good, I may be able to keep up with some of the cripples :) who do I talk to to find out what time? Never forget the things that really do matter...

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Kick off tonight is at 4:30.

Kick off tonight Monday is at 4:30. send me a PM with your email if you want to go. Monotone MIA

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Balders Tonight? Since when

Balders Tonight? Since when did the QH3 started running on a Sunday? Am I missing some thing? Or are you still suffering from that that bad flu. That here in Qatar itSUnday the first day of the week not Lucky Red Devils again, bribed the referee for not allowing that Penalty..Damm Hope the Mersey Siders win today to keep the EPL lively... ----------------- HE WHO DARES WINS

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UK... Head still spinning

UK... Head still spinning with the meds :oS Roadtester, PM me. Certain thing best kept offline. Monotone MIA

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