Dentists at Aspetar (Aspire) clinic - good?

I was in Aspetar today for an injury and noticed that they have a dental clinic. Since I've been very impressed with the quality of their medical care I thought I'd check out the dental clinic as well. Does anyone know anything about them? Thanks, Expat Sueo


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try smile center

try smile center call 180 & ask for try smile center number

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Doha dental can change your smile

I would recommend Dr. Little of Doha Dental. I saw him and he is very good.

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Not sure of the quality but

Not sure of the quality but they have a long waiting list - a few months - and they do not do orthodontic work.

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OK, thanks

I am trying to find "The Best" dental care in Doha, and everything I hear about is OK, at best. I was in an accident that involved major dental/maxillary trauma, so I need the best care rather than "OK" care. Sigh. . .

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i recommend Dr. Assaad

i recommend Dr. Assaad hashem in al Emadi Hospital,

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Thanks, Gass007

Why do you recommend Dr. Assaad Hashem?

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i visit him after many

i visit him after many recommendations from friends and i was happy

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