Is there a place to rent a motorcycle

I'll only be in Doha for 3 months and would rather rent a Motorcycle then rent a car, now that the weather is cooling off. I haven't been into the one dealership I saw because I think they're only selling new bikes right? Its difficult for me to find phone numbers for these places so if anyone had some input on the best way to start riding here I would be most grateful.


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Budget rental company rent

Budget rental company rent out Harley Davidsons. But it is still very warm and humid here and will be for September also. The biggest worry would be the crazy drivers in Qatar. A car or 4x4 is much safer

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These guys rent bikes:

These guys rent bikes: Strikes me as a bit pricy, but then I am new round these parts!

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motorbike hire

I want to do a track day at Losail, but unfortunately they do not rent bikes.

I am an experienced rider but do not have a bike here in Qatar.

I would happily pay somebody to use their bike for the day on 23rd or 30th September. I am looking for a Honda CBR600rr or Yamaha R6

Hope there is somebody out there who can help


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Track Days

I was running a bike rental (the only one in Qatar), but I closed it down.

There was one customer, who rented a bike fom me for the track once and it was a lot of administrative effort to make it happen. Not worth the few bucks for the rental, but I did it anyway.

The customer tried other sources, but nobody else was crazy enough to lend a bike for the track ;-))

You will have to buy a bike of your own, I am afraid.

I still have two Ducati Monster S4RS for sale.

And I have a racing suit (Size 54) and helmet, almost for free.

Good Luck


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Lots of people are riding in Qatar ...

There are lots of people riding bikes here: race track, road, sand dunes ... you'll surely find the rigth bunch, once you have arrived ;-) Well, yes ... you'll have to buy your own bike(s).

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Bikes Rental

Hi Robby, I've been trying to do a come back after abandoning the sport for 25 years, I only got hooked up again when my kids grew up and started to create the adventure in me again (as usual they started with the quads) I've been looking for a used bike that is in the 250cc range, not less than 2 cylinders, weighing 400 Lb or less, and seat hight of not more 31" (I'll feel more confident when both feet flat on the ground), you've guessed it right Kawasaki Ninja 250R is best fit. I had no luck at all finding such bike not even the dealership have them in stock until end of the year, but I wanted to practice during the remainder of the season. Any advice is highly appreciated. BTW: I've just started a thread on your web site ( hope to see it growing. Regards

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We rent motorcycles in Qatar

Hi Burak22, Please feel free to check our web site: for the available models. Off course, you will enjoy a very good rate, if you rent a motorcycle long term. That is the same, as if you rent a car. You may as well drop by in the shop and speak with my sales guy. The location, opening times, phone numbers, etc. are all posted at the web site. Best regards RSt

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Motorcycle Rental Qatar

Hi Shanester, Yes, we rent motorcycles in Qatar. ... and we are the only company who does it at the moment. Budget has given up. ... well, motorcycle rentals are, what you may call, "pricy" all over the world. That roots in the nature of the business. You may as well consider, to look up some international rental prices for your reference. Best regards RSt

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