Arabic Tutor

I want to learn arabic, can someone advise me a place. I just want to learn spoken arabic not written. Can someone suggest me a place where i can interact in a classroom, not through a computer please.


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Arab Tuition

i would like to lean arab. just tell me the tuition course. there have any age restrictions? expecting your valuable reply.

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hey! cant anyone tell

hey! cant anyone tell somebody that this case is closed??? all of the fellas above left Qatar since Sept.2010///

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Arabic Tutor - Reg

Kind Attention : Maha Can i get ur contact details as i wish to learn Arabic Language Thanks Sudarsan E-Mail Id :

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to learn arabic

my daughter wants to learn arabic. please call me on 55576388

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Dear Baya, Please send your cv to Regards, Rafif Abdalla

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I think there is much more

I think there is much more better way to learn Arabic through online teachers. right?

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If you are still interested in learning the language,

send me a msg and I will introduce you to an Arabic teacher who has been teaching in certified Qatari Schools for 28 years.

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I'm looking for an Arabic

I'm looking for an Arabic tutor. Please PM me if you can help.

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I want to learn arabic also!

I want to learn arabic also!

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rezyz do you mean locals

rezyz do you mean locals should give privet classes for people who needs ?? there are noooooooo qatari gives classes and this will not happen this job is for people from north africa not for us

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Don't be a snob qatari citizen

Do you think you are superior to North Africans? As I said there are local women who teach Arabic. And there are alternatives to people from the magreb teaching Arabic. Look at all the people here from Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt (although I wouldn't study Egyptian Arabic because every other Arab laughs at you).

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for qatari citizen

for ur information north africans are tunisian and moroccan and if u claim that it is up to them ti teach arabic then u assert that they are arabs or how could they teach a language they do not speak! allow me to say that u r speaking out of ignorance! it is true we are not 100% pure arabs but the islamic openenigs were centuries ago! we speak better arabic than u and better french than u and better english than u despite the fact that we dont use it on a daily basics! as for me i have a BA in english literature and teaching! i have a good accent as well as we have special courses for pronunciation and speaking! as for my writings i do teach better than i write;) it is internet im not going 2b so formal:p

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it is bcz of arabs like u

it is bcz of arabs like u that we are excluding ourselves! but beware that there is no difference between arabs nor maghrebins nor any other ethnicity! bcz Allah look into our hearts and how pious we r!

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Baya, you don't use English on a daily "basics"?

I rest my case. This is not a case of "text speak"; it is a case of fluency and your post doesn't reflect solid knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary . Also, I have heard Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians speak English, even ones that earned a university degree in English, and their pronunciation is never that of a native speaker. A good friend of mine has a Moroccan wife who has a PhD in English from one of their major universities and although her grammar and vocabulary was great, she couldn't really tutor because students wanted someone who had a native accent and 99 times out of a hundred, that will not be someone who studied English in a foreign university. Sorry, but my wife was an English teacher for many years and still tutors, and I am still surprised at what passes for "teaching" in many cases.

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And don't get me started on verb agreement,

such as "Allah looks into our hearts".... ;) Stick to teaching Arabic, my dear :)

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soooooooo any institutions here??

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I advised Shiz.

Go to Al Fanar. They have classes for men and women (separately) and even teach the Qatari dialect. Plus they are nice people there. :)

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Baya are you that stupid to

Baya are you that stupid to say that you know arabic more than me !!! by the way i think i know you because there is only a few tunisian in Qatar who teaches English and franch and i can reach you easily for saying that you speak arabic better than me we will see then who can speak arabic and i will see if you dare to say this in my face this is the internet and every one can say whatever he or she want but in the real world you will shrink like an ant in front of me

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oohh qatarrii y u gettng so

oohh qatarrii y u gettng so seriouss... evryone is rite aat ther plaace but no need to be soo serious we all knw u are best....but mayb baya is also best 4anyone... well...can u teach me arabiic:P:D butt be cool yrr....:)

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can you give me any contact

can you give me any contact information?

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is there any girl who can teach me arabic language?

if there is one can you PM me i really need one... thank you...

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My neighbor teaches spoken/written Arabic :) excellent!

Please PM me for details ONLY if you are serious!!!!

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Berlitz offers arabic

Berlitz offers arabic speaking lessons but I think its standard arabic not Qatari dialect. If that is what you want, contact them.

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to learn arab

hai mam / sir i would like learn arabic writing / reading . im a muslim so i have basic knoledge in arabic . so please help me .arabic is compulsary for my business field with best regards sheheem 33070779

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i m Arab i can give u private

i m Arab i can give u private lessons if u wish!!! any one else interested ? u r welcome!! i m an English teacher as well and i m taking tuition courses! i m also tutoring French.

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i will gove you learn

i will gove you learn arabic.that is very simple.but where are you staying.give me your

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your perception is wrong

your perception is wrong about tunisians or morrocons... they speak good arabic and french too... one can easily understand them... they use to speak with one another in their native accent...

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Don't they have Arabic taught by natives at Al Fanar?

My wife took a course there not too long ago. I think her teacher was a qatari woman.

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Baya, I hope you don't teach English the way

you write! :) Every non-native speaker who knows some English seems to fancy themselves an English tutor but people should remember that accent is an important part of learning a language. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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ask any local to teach

ask any local to teach english or french, even they know it to full extent but they can't manage to teach...! teaching itself is a tough job, you have to first prepare yourself to speak out...

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