Tailor shop

Hi. anyone can suggest a good tailor shop (preferably Philippine nationality) in Qatar? i heard there's one over at Al Saad. just not sure the details... thanks!


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There are a lot of tailor

There are a lot of tailor shops, it depends on what you want!

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Sterling Tailors in Barwa

Sterling Tailors in Barwa Village, it is run by indians and sri lankans but service is good. I've seen some filipinos who are taking orders from them. Just Check it out...

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thanks. will def check 'em

thanks. will def check 'em out...

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Oh my...they now sell

Oh my...they now sell Filipinos? Is there anything they don't sell? Well, apart from Guitar Hero...

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is that a joke?

there's always a place for improvement. lol,.

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