Fire safety legislation in Qatar daycares

Hi folks, I am going to inspect my son's daycare tomorrow in regards to fire safety practices that are (or are not) employed on site. I want to know what the law states as what are minimum requirements, such as a sprinkler system, fire drills and fire exits. I have had a look through MOI and defense websites, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Cheers, KIQ


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I think many parents may be

I think many parents may be doing this in the coming weeks kiwi....the authorities need to take a good hard look at themselves and the slack practices currently in place...but for now the time is for grieving and mourning.

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excuse me for being naive

excuse me for being naive Mandi, but are u serious or joking? i mean, no kidding, i don't want to end up showered in powder or water, with alarm going on and fire brigade comming over. can i do like u said or ur joking?

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This is best done by a

This is best done by a certification agency, with people holding expertise in the subject. The MoI need to qualify a list of such agencies and pay them generously to establish branches here in Qatar. Permission renewal cannot be issued without such certificate on annual basis.

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No joke drsam, that is a test

No joke drsam, that is a test button in the smoke alarm. Do not touch the sprinklers if you have them.

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No, it's not a joke, habibi!

No, it's not a joke, habibi! If you are talking about the kitchen in your house you just have a self-contained smoke detector, not a sprinkler system. A white plastic round object? There is a test button. There may also be a little green light. If you have a nozzle leading to a pipe that might be a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are heat-activated, not smoke sensitive. So don't worry about pushing a button on a white plastic box. It's not hard-wired into the emergency response system. It's just there to wake you up and get you out of the house in case of smoke. Mandi

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translator, thks; the

translator and mandi, thks; the "ear-splitting shriek" will turn off automatically after a minute or two, or do i have to turn it off somehow?

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In most buildings these are

In most buildings these are not smoke detectors (smoke being the primary cause of death in fire situations) they are heat detectors and are therefore mostly useless. Most people I know who are interested/cognizant of real fire safety have brought smoke detectors from their home countries and installed them in their homes/flats. Heat detectors are of little to no use - especially if you are asleep when the fire starts. Smoke detectors are easy to test, just burn a piece of toast in the same or nearby room. The smoke will set it off.

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drsam and others--it's easy

drsam and others--it's easy enough to buy your own, if you are unsure of the ones provided. Change the batteries every year. When we moved to Qatar I bought a simple battery one for each room--worth every penny.

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drsam:it depends also on

drsam:it depends also on whether it is stand alone smoke detector or it is connected through wires to main fire panel which is normally located centrally in building entrance or guard house. Wired type smoke detectors r normally tested using smoke spray (Brand name:Solo etc). Installation of fire alarm system requires routine preventive maintenance and calibration of detection devices; usually done by qualified technicians.

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heat detectors

heat detectors are used in areas prone to dust or smoke in normal condition like kitchen, ware houses, washrooms(due to exhaust fan), parking floors etc, smoke detector in this situation leads to more false alarms

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maintenance for Ac's

Please also do periodic maintenance for AC;specially during the hot season, the compressor withdraws extra current to so as to reach the cooling setpoint; this results extra current flowing than normal & eventually spark.

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So does anyone have info on

So does anyone have info on fire-safety laws relating to childcare facilities in Qatar? Some good points here though. Raven, I agree, now is the time is for grieving and mourning. However, I still have to drop my toddler off tomorrow at a daycare that may or may not be unsafe. My kids are my first priority and I will do what I have to do as soon as I can, not in the coming weeks. Drsam. Don't be scared of your smoke alarm. It won't bite.......very hard. Good point about the A/C Aijaz, our electricity is dodgy anyway. Lights blow out every day, come on and off on their own accord.

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sprinklers & alarms

for sprinkler systems, I would suggest a joint drill by the house owners and the occupants, and in the case of a school or day care center, it is best decided with cooperation between the parents and the school authorities. The test is simple, a hydrotest is all that is required to check the pressure and the coverage area of each sprinkler. Refer to this link for your understanding, (note: this is not reality, its just basics) so, from this link, we can say, the distance between the sprinkler heads A & B can be determined by the area covered by distance A (distance must have a minimum over lapse) and for the fire alarms, usually, a light should be blinking on the FAS system. If there is no source of lighting indication, then these might be battery operated, and so checking would be simple. If battery operated, first open the battery case cover, light a lighter/candle for a few seconds, and as soon as the buzzer goes on, remove one of the batteries. That should prove that the FAS works. If it is building controlled, consult with the building owner first before taking any drastic steps.. Maybe these helps...good luck with your inspection tomorrow!

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Very informative, thank you

Very informative, thank you ani_chy. I am not looking to take drastic steps. I just want to know what the laws are regarding fire-safety and if our daycare is conforming to these laws. For the price we are paying, I certainly hope so. If they are not, then my child will not be attending in the future, and I will be contacting the appropriate authorities.

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too hard to find

actually, i have been searching it myself for the past 1 hour...damn its hard to find!

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