How is Belgium???

Hi I am interested in knowing more about Belgium. How is the place? The cost of living compared to other european countries. Are the people there fluent in english? The modes of transportation and areas of tourist interest? All relevant suggestions welcome. Thank you .


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Belgium has some fantastic

Belgium has some fantastic tourist locations that would take maximum 4 days to see if you were on a snail's pace. Brussels is an awesome city to visit as well as live. I find it as cosmopolitan as Paris or London. Other great cities to visit are Brugge, Ghent and Antwerp. If you want a little seaside action you can head up to Knocke or Blankenberge. From my experiences as a foreigner in Belgium have been that in the Flemish speaking (Not German, Paul) areas are a little less acceptant of differences in the way people look and will definately stare and ogle. But in Brussels and its suburbs there is none of that what so ever... and none in the southern French speaking areas really from my experiences. There are quite a few 'halal' restaurants in Brussels. Particularly between Gare de Midi and the Arab quarter of the city. They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to see it... --George Carlin

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Not everyone would love

Not everyone would love brussels , it is a bit old ... u will even find them selling those toys made of wood ... and lots of old stuff ... The oldest mall " Galleries Royales St-Hubert " and it is a must see .... also the grand place isnice specialy if they have the flower festival or whatever it is called . Dont forget to enjoy the chocolat and check the dimonds :)

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Belgium is nearer to France

Belgium is nearer to France than UK.. Which is very good. Famous for child sex cases. They eat Frites. They drink beer. Following will hopefully summarise belgiuns.. A Belgian came into a bar and ordered a beer. The waiter put a coaster and a beer on the table. Ten minutes later the Belgian ordered another beer. The waiter brought him the beer and saw that the coaster had disappeared. So he fetched another one.. Ten minutes later, another beer. And again the coaster was missing. This time the waiter decided he would not lay down another coaster.. - "Hey" the Belgian said, "where's my cookie ?"

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correction, Belgium speaks Dutch, not German!

The official languages in Belgium are dutch (or Flamish to be accurate)and French. THere is a tiny area where people speak German, but this is not regarded as an official language associated with Belgium. If you go to the tourist area's (Knokke, Brugge, gent etc) or the big cities like Liege, Antwerp or Brussels you'll be fine. In the coutry-side or smaller villages people might make foreigners feel ''unwelcome''. Overall Belgium is a lovely place to visit, great places of sight seeing and amazing food too.

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Belgians independence

n 1830 the Belgians revolted and declared their independence. Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg was chosen king in 1831. The Dutch invaded later that year. After years of negotiation, an armistice was arranged. The Treaty of London, signed in 1839, established Belgium as an independent state, whose sovereignty and neutrality were guaranteed by all of the European powers. ----------- smithsan Make Money

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